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 Post subject: Core UpDate 9545
PostPosted: March 7th, 2010, 3:01 pm 
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[9545] Rename ObjectDefines.h -> ObjectGuid.h
[9544] Implement CONDITION_NOITEM.
[9542] Make MovementGenerator::GetMovementGeneratorType() const
[9541] Implement first target of spell 1064 and ranks boost from 61301.
[9540] Implement cooldown reset part for spell 60970 work.
[9539] Item 23836 effect and spell 54757 not affcted caster spell power.
[9538] Implement proper work spells 59465 and 56151.
[9537] Avoid proc item 46017 effect from DoTs.
[9536] Implement item 46017 effect.
[9535] Some percent target max health spells.
[9534] Attack Power bonus for spell 64382.
[9533] Use selected target for target mode 38/46 when provided.
[9532] Fix typo in opcode name.
[9531] Fixed apply stamina part of 48263
[9530] Fixed check for SPELL_AURA_ALLOW_ONLY_ABILITY
[9529] Make Player::IsValidPos const
[9528] Avoid apply spell bonuses to glyph 42397 effect.
[9527] Fix CRLF in 9512_01_mangos_spell_proc_event.sql.
[9526] Fix a typo from commit 9512
[9525] Implement effect SPELL_EFFECT_TEACH_TAXI_NODE(154)
[9524] Use cooldown data from gameobejct trap tamplate if provided.
[9523] Stacking Auras from dual wild weapons.
[9522] Implement spells 58600 and 58601
[9521] Let build map extractor at Mac OSX
[9520] Prevent possible memory leak in WorldSession
[9519] Remove linking mangosd with sockets library.
[9518] Implement account associated execute for RA commands
[9517] rewrote RA console using ACE
[9516] Fixed talent 50391 and ranks in part apply rune cooldown expire
[9515] Fix a possible exploit in CMSG_HEARTH_AND_RESURRECT
[9514] Implement opcode CMSG_HEARTH_AND_RESURRECT
[9513] Fix spell 48920
[9512] Spell 16952 and ranks will now correctly proc from all cat form
abilities that add combo points
[9511] Hotfix for low chance crash at not accessable gameobject cast.
[9510] Gameobject casting improvements.
[9509] Move custom data from item spell charges sign to new field
[9508] Finish impement new functionlity for item 5513 and similar.
[9506] Add missing AI calls to inform summoner of summon-related events
[9505] Removed facing limitation for spell 2764.
[9504] Removed obsolete code for spell 18096 and ranks.
[9503] Updated behavior of auto shot according to the client changes.
[9502] Update SpellCastResult enum to 3.3.x state.
[9501] Implement item limit category inventory mode.
[9500] More speel effects table cleanups in comments
[9499] Add replacement spells for GO type 10 that may have dummy spellId
in _template
[9498] Restored build on *nix
[9497] Implement basic use of SPLINETYPE_FACINGTARGET
[9496] HomeBind fixes.
[9495] Show overheal from HoT in combat log.
[9494] Implement SPELL_EFFECT_JUMP (41).
[9493] Fixed wrong spell cast at talent 50391 and ranks apply case.
[9492] Some cleanup in effects table.
[9491] Restore code commenting style after 9489/9490
[9490] Make common apply/remove handler for another spell group in
[9489] No reason have different code for apply/remove for this spells.
[9488] Fixed semaphore locking on non-posix systems
[9487] Fix a typo in Pet::addSpell
[9486] Increase reserverd stack size for mangosd up to 4Mb at Windows
[9485] Fix a value in movement update blocks with update flag
[9484] Add dummy aura effect of misc feign death spells
[9483] Not affect anything but not nice typos...
[9482] Implement 48266, and 50365, 50384, 50391 and ranks.
[9481] Add dummy effect of spell 51276
[9480] Add aura dummy effect of spell 29266
[9479] Use Clear call in MotionMaster::Initilize
[9478] Reimplement Aura::IsNeedVisibleSlot
[9477] Implement glyph 45776
[9476] Add basepoints array to Unit::HandleDummyAuraProc
[9475] Add and use TotemSlot enum type
[9474] Implement negative totem effect apply for 30706 and ranks.
[9473] Apply recent sql update to mangos.sql itself.
[9472] Revert "[9465] Make passive aura buffs/debuffs always show at
[9471] Add dummy effect of spell 43036
[9470] Add dummy effect of spell 42287
[9469] Add dummy effect of spell 51333
[9468] Restore compile Win32/x64 (VC80/VC90), add correct include dir to
all builds
[9467] Add dummy effect of spell 51330
[9466] Implemented SOAP in MaNGOS
[9465] Make passive aura buffs/debuffs always show at not-casters.
[9464] Spell effects of itemset 883 and variants.
[9463] Add script effect of spell 45691 and dummy effect of 45685
[9462] Compile fix under GCC.
[9461] Some another cases when movegen can be lost while updating.
[9461] Some another cases when movegen can be lost while updating.
[9459] Make spell 47540 and ranks channeling interruptible
[9458] Add exception for spell 51912 and then trigger 45668 as expected
[9457] Implement spell/attack power bonus for 59547 and similar spells.
[9456] Fixed spell proc code for mixed proc event cases.
[9455] Check glyph index send by client at glyph adding to prevent
[9454] Fixed some time existed multi-map taxi problem.
[9453] Implement heal bonus from talent 62905 and ranks.


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Forum locked This topic is locked, you cannot edit posts or make further replies.  [ 1 post ] 

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