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 Post subject: Core Update 10124
PostPosted: July 2nd, 2010, 10:09 am 
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[10124] Fixed typo in comment.
SpellRange.dbc struct update.
[10123] Fixed recent problem with enter to dungeons in group.
[10122] Avoid use EquippedItemInventoryTypeMask mask for not item targeted spells check.
Hmm, something was wrong here...
Merge remote branch 'origin/master' into 335
I guess that will do the trick.
[10121] Add a few comments about DYNAMICOBJECT_BYTES + fix typo in one.
[10120] Check expected `creature_model_info` data for player races
[10119] Add model data for undead player that got lost for rev 10109
[10118] Check gameobject scale at loading (strict DB error filter)
[10117] New config option set min size of auction deposit fee.
[10116] Remove some wrongly initialized fields for dynamic object.
[10115] Add function to update model_info at changes to scale or model.
[10114] Store associated InstanceSave for dungeon map in Map object
[10113] Some cleanups in Instance loading code.
[10112] Rename GetObjectSize function to GetObjectBoundingRadius
[10111] Move code for initialize player model data and scale to same function, InitDisplayIds
[10110] Add function Get/SetObjectScale and update code where scale is set.
[10109] Add and use actual bounding_radius/combat_reach per model for characters.
[10108] Prevent access to out of range [0] element of empty string at utf8 convertion.
[10107] Pool/event info in .npc info and .gobject target commands
[10106] More modes for .go commands
[10105] Condition CONDITION_ZONEID (4) extanded way work.
[10104] Cleaned up WorldObject::HasInArc
[10103] More cleanups in InstanceSave
[10102] Rename loginDatabase for consistence with other global db object names
[10101] List G3D update in NEWS
[10100] Fixed some cases assign low guid to full guid update field.
[10099] Prevent retunr mails to not existed characters.
[10098] Re-apply to ACE hack for support utf8 config files
[10097] Update G3D up to v8.0b4
[10096] Allow negative X coordinate in .go command
[10095] Fixed typo in function name.
[10094] Extract instance reset scheduler from InstanceSaveMgr
[10093] Sort functions and cleanup InstanceSave delete code.
[10092] Correct 3 more auras to check AURA_REMOVE_BY_EXPIRE mode after change in 10030
[10091] Use ACE for command line options parse.
[10090] Really output log level at ".server log level" command.
[10089] Change in event system work with pool system.
[10088] Restore work of 1120 and ranks. (Revert of [9962])
[10087] Move table in more expected mangos.sql part
[10086] Implement use .go command with shiftlinks or player name.
[10085] Allow loot roll value 100
[10084] Resync. opcode names in Opcodes.cpp/.h
[10083] Made some Spell.h dependences more explicit.
[10082] Drop now unused dotconfpp lib code.
[10081] Use ACE config library instead dotconfpp
[10080] Fixed ghost teleport and cleanup code.
[10079] Don't allow cancel passive spells
[10078] Use const referecne to opcode handle.
[10077] Add delayed far teleports for opcode handlers
[10076] Fixed crash at remove from world pet under SPELL_AURA_MOD_POSSESS_PET
[10075] Attempt use more expected by result buffs downranking algo.
[10074] Add IsPassive(SpellEntry*) function and use in cases wjern entry already known.
[10073] Make object active at applying view on it
[10072] More methods for access/modify ObjectGuid update fields.
[10071] Not need add new cases inline for in-class function definition.
[10070] Remove old, commented code no longer needed in SendMonsterMove
[10069] Really do "Avoid assign random move to player owned creatures as default movegen."
[10068] Fixes in pet movments
[10067] Allow item INVTYPE_RELIC to be equipped by npc from creature_equip_template
[10066] Some tuning in consts.
[10065] Some return values fixes.
[10064] Fixed recently show up crash in Unit::StopMoving.
[10063] Cleanup recent added code.
[10062] Removed wrong method const.
[10061] Revision increase.
[10060] Drop unused ACE_Stack_Trace in Error.h
[10059] Cleanup in Player::m_mover uses
[10058] Add to mangos.sql data from 09720_01_mangos_spell_proc_event.sql
[10056] Re-add spell proc sql data from [7879].
[10055] Use creature equipment from normal _template when id is not set for difficulty
[10054] Fix crash when not saved action buttons are removed during spec switch
[10053] Use UNIT_STAT_CONTROLED for mark unit state under direct player control.
[10052] Camera System
[10051] Fixed talent 58426 broken after 3.3.3 switch.
[10050] Implement apply non-trade slot item enchanting at trade complete.


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