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 Post subject: Rev . 372
PostPosted: May 8th, 2012, 8:46 pm 
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Rev. 372

Added Missing gameobject_template_scripts table.

Rev. 371
-- Changelog 371 --

-- Neltharaku's Tale Gossip Fix
-- The Force of Neltharaku Quest Fix
-- Dragonmaw Drake-Rider Spawn Fix
-- Enslaved Netherwing Drake Spawn Fix
-- Dragonmaw Orc Faction & Stats Fix
-- Dragonmaw Nether Drake Spawn Fix
-- "Scoodles" Stats, Skin Loot & Spawntime Fix
-- Dragonmaw Skybreaker Faction & Stats Fix
-- Netherwing Ray Faction & Stats Fix
-- Mistress of the Mines Faction & Gossip Fix
-- Wing Commander Mulverick Addon Fix
-- Dragonmaw Peon Faction & Stats Fix
-- Alandien Multi Spawned Fix
-- Sunfury Summoner Emote Fix
-- Spellbound Terrorguard & Demon Hunter Initiate Fight Emote
-- Sunfury NPCs Practice Emote Fix
-- Demon Hunter Initiate WP Fix
-- Netharel WP Fix
-- Shadowlord Deathwail Spawn Fix
-- Shadowmoon Darkweaver EventAI Fix
-- Heart of Fury Visual Trigger Spawn Fix
-- Sunfury NPCs Attack Azaloth Emote Fix
-- Mistress of the Mines Spawned Both Ends of Mines
-- Dragonmaw Foreman WP,Faction & Equipment Fix
-- Nethermine Flayer & Ravager Spawn Fix
-- Nethermine Burster Spawn & EventAI Fix
-- Toranaku Gossip & Fly
-- Dragonmaw Peon Spawn Fix
-- Murkblood Miner Spawn Fix
-- Murkblood Miner's Pick Loot Fix
-- Crazed Murkblood Foreman Emote & Equipment Fix
-- Crazed Murkblood Miner Equipment Fix
-- Black Blood of Draenor Spawn Fix
-- Ronag the Slave Driver Emote Fix
-- NPC Equipment Fixes
-- GM Island Vendor Equipment & Other Fixes
-- Chicken Escapee Spawn & Quest Fix Fix
-- Scryer Spawn Fix
-- Spell Target Fix
-- Hukku's Voidwalker,Succubus & Imp Random Summon By Hukku
-- Atal'ai Deathwalker Summon Atal'ai Deathwalker's Spirit on Death
-- GM Island Glyph Vendor Added
-- To Many Illidari Slayers
-- Ravenous Flayer Egg Spawn Fix
-- Oronok Torn-heart Gossip Fix
-- NPC's Killed by Grom'tor For Quest
-- Asghar Dupes Removed
-- Ruul's Netherdrake Removed
-- Ruul's WPs
-- Kindness Quest Fix SD2
-- Grand Commander Ruusk Gossip Fix
-- What Illidan Wants, Illidan Gets... Quest Fix
-- Eclipsion Hawkstrider Faction Fix
-- Blood Oath of the Netherwing Quest Fix
-- Your Friend On The Inside Quest Fix
-- Dragonmaw Transporter Stats & WP Fix
-- Nethermine Flayer Hide Quest Requirement Fix
-- Enter the Taskmaster Quest Requirement Fix
-- In Service of the Illidari Quest Requirement Fix
-- Nethermine Flayer Gold & Skinning Loot Fix
-- Nethermine Ravager Skinning Loot Fix
-- Nethermine Burster Skinning Loot Fix
-- Overmine Flayer Gold,Spawn & Skinning Loot Fix
-- Barash the Den Mother Gold,Spawn,WP & Skinning Loot Fix
-- Arvoar the Rapacious Gold,Spawn,WP & Loot Fix
-- Sludge-covered Object Loot Fix
-- Salvaging Life's Strength Quest Fix
-- In Defense of the King's Lands Quest Text Fix
-- Mission: Gateways Murketh and Shaadraz
-- More Equipment Fixes
-- Lord Sakrasis Dupe
-- Rogue Black Drake WPs
-- Leprithus Dupe & WPs
-- Galaen's Fate Quest Start Script
-- Lesser Scorching Totem Spawn by EventAI
-- Finkle Einhorn Summoned When Skinning The Beast
-- Zangarmarsh PvP Beam Spawn Fix
-- Hidden Island Tele Added
-- World Trigger Spawns [UDB]
-- Southsea Freebooter Spawns & WPs
-- Southsea Swashbuckler Spawns & WPs
-- Leprithus & Rotten Ghoul Spawn Fix
-- Southsea pirate Spawn Fix
-- Scorpid Dunestalker Spawn Fix
-- High Admiral "Shelly" Jorrik Spawn Fix
-- Booty Bay Bruiser Spawn Fix
-- Tanarais hidden Island GO Fix
-- Reginald Windsor Spawned By Event
-- Frostfloe Rift Spawn Fix
-- Freshly Dug Dirt Spawn Fix
-- NPC Stats Fix
-- Parts for Kravel Script [UDB]
-- Cave Mushrooms Script [UDB]
-- For Love Eternal Script [UDB]
-- I Must Have Them! Script [UDB]
-- Barov Family Fortune Script [UDB]
-- For The Horde! Script [UDB]
-- Sarkoth Script [UDB]
-- Sunken Treasure Script [UDB]
-- Rumors for Kravel Script [UDB]
-- The rescue! Script [UDB]
-- Helcular's Remains Fix
-- A'dal Script [UDB]
-- The Earthbinder Script [UDB]
-- Gazban WP Fix
-- Lord Sakrasis WP Fix
-- Nurse Lillian WP Fix
-- Captain Arathyn WP Fix
-- Netherologist Coppernickels WP Fix
-- Pyrewood Elder WP Fix
-- Jailor Marlgen WP Fix
-- Jailor Eston WP Fix
-- Shadowclaw WP Fix
-- Nothing But The Truth End Script Fix
-- Birds of a Feather End Script Fix
-- The Earthbinder End Script Fix
-- Into the Churning Gulch End Script Fix
-- Lieutenant Commander Thalvos Aura Fix
-- Bloody Vengeance Script Fix
-- Urtrak Faction Fix
-- Vengeful Unyielding Footman Faction Fix
-- Vengeful Unyielding Captain Faction Fix
-- Tog'thar Gossip Fix
-- Drull Gossip Fix
-- Apothecary Antonivich Gossip Fix
-- Innkeeper Bazil Olof'tazun Gossip Fix
-- Floyd Pinkus Gossip Fix
-- Magister Aledis Mount & Gossip Fix
-- Flanis Swiftwing Addon Fix
-- Bat Handler Camille Gossip Fix
-- Image of Wind Trader Marid Gossip Fix
-- Chief Plaguebringer Harris Gossip Fix
-- Apply Heat and Stir Script Event Fix
-- Micah Stonebreaker Sits
-- Mastering the Runes Scripts
-- Winterhoof Brave Gossip Fix
-- Q11358 & Q11366 Script Event Fix
-- Gjalerbron Prisoner InhabitType Fix
-- NPC Spawntime Fix
-- Engineer Burke Gossip Fix
-- Deathguard Schneider Gossip Fix
-- Chancellor Amai Gossip Fix
-- Senior Scrivener Barriga Gossip Fix
-- Quartermaster Bartlett Gossip Fix
-- Junior Apothecary Lawrence Gossip Fix
-- Prince Toreth Gossip Fix
-- Agnetta Tyrsdottar Gossip Fix
-- Lost in Action Quest Fix
-- Claw & Swamplord Musel'ek Link
-- The Witness and the Hero Quest Fix
-- Xarantaur Gossip Fix
-- Memories of Stormhoof Quest Fix
-- Where Time Went Wrong Quest Fix
-- Dame Evniki Kapsalis Gossip Fix
-- Caregiver Inaara Gossip Fix
-- Jessera of Mac'Aree Gossip Fix
-- Exarch Admetius Gossip Fix
-- Captured Sunhawk Agent Gossip Fix
-- NPC Knight-Defender Zunade Gossip Fix
-- Deathstalker Razael Gossip Fix
-- Dark Ranger Lyana Gossip Fix
-- Galaen's Journal Gossip Fix
-- Lunaraa Gossip Fix
-- Galaen's Corpse Addon Fix
-- Funaam Gossip Fix
-- Razormaw Event Fix
-- Vindicator Boros Gossip Fix
-- Victorious Challenger Gossip Fix
-- KRONK Gossip Fix
-- Gahk Gossip Fix
-- Torkus Gossip Fix
-- Mingo Gossip Fix
-- Ogri'la Trader Gossip Fix
-- Ogri'la Keg King Gossip Fix
-- Ogri'la Grubgiver Gossip Fix
-- Ogri'la Merchant Gossip Fix
-- Jho'nass Gossip Fix
-- Skyguard Stable Master Gossip Fix
-- Ogri'la Steelshaper Gossip Fix
-- GO Fel Crystalforge Gossip Fix
-- Scout Neftis Gossip Fix
-- NPC Ashyen and Keleth Gossip Fix
-- Sky-Reaver Klum Gossip Fix
-- Soulok Stormfury Gossip Fix
-- Ounhulo Gossip Fix
-- Kevin Browning Gossip Fix
-- Argent Squire Gossip Fix
-- Eye of the Lich King Gossip Fix
-- Kurzel Gossip Fix
-- Lunar Festival Harbinger Gossip Fix
-- Tree's Company Event Fix
-- Engineer "Spark" Overgrind Gossip Fix
-- Drake Dealer Hurlunk Gossip Fix
-- Arcanist Xorith Gossip Fix
-- Haldor the Compulsive Gossip Fix
-- Master Pyreanor Gossip Fix
-- Spiritcaller Dohgar Gossip Fix
-- Zurjaya Gossip Fix
-- Merajit Gossip Fix
-- Seer Janidi Gossip Fix
-- Gambarinka Gossip Fix
-- Horde Field Scout Gossip Fix
-- Grek Gossip Fix
-- Captain "Stash" Torgoley Gossip Fix
-- Wildlord Antelarion Gossip Fix
-- Saving Princess Stillpine Quest Fix
-- Stable Master Gossip Fix
-- ELM General Purpose Bunny Spawn Fix
-- Witch Doctor Mau'ari SD2 Removed
-- Susurrus SD2 Removed
-- NPC Gossip Fixes
-- NPC Text Fix
-- Kill Them All! Quest Fix
-- Earning Your Wings... Quest Fix
-- NPCs Lies Down
-- Emissary Skyhaven & Envoy Ripfang Not Fight Fix
-- Netherdust Pollen Quest Fix
-- Nethercite Ore Quest Fix
-- RequiredRaces 1791 Is All Races. Set to 0
-- Achievement Criterias Fix
-- Puddle Stalker InhabitType Fix
-- Banish the Demons Quest Fix
-- Banish More Demons Quest Fix
-- Abomination Wing Orange Gas Stalker
-- Yous Have Da Darkrune? Repeatable
-- Schematic: Field Repair Bot 74A Gossip Fix
-- Grand Widow Faerlina & Naxxramas Follower Link
-- Sunwell Radiance Addon Fix
-- Spell Script Target Fix
-- Agloolik Gossip Fix
-- Apothecary Hummel Loot Fix
-- Grub Vendor & Gossip Fix
-- Lazy Peons SD2 Quest Fix CHECK NEAR GO175784
-- LumberPile Spawn Fix
-- Ram Riding Harnesses Text Fix
-- Achievement Fixes [UDB]
-- Creature Linking Fixes
-- Spell Scripts Target Fix
-- Spell Scripts Fix
-- Gizrul the Slavener EventAI & Stats Fix
-- Celebras the Redeemed Stats Fix
-- Zaetar's Spirit Stats Fix
-- Focus fire flags
-- Ayamiss the Hunter Spawn Fix
-- Lordaeron Shrine Spawn Fix
-- William Kielar Not Move
-- Wyvern Roost & Bomb Wagon Spawntime Fix
-- Zangarmarsh PvP Beam Not Move
-- Mysterious Deadmines Chest Spawntime Fix
-- Large Battered Chest Spawntime Fix
-- NPCs Not Move
-- Defias Evoker WPs Fix
-- Defias Overseer WPs Fix
-- Defias Wizard WPs Fix
-- Defias Taskmaster Spawn & WPs Fix
-- Defias Squallshaper Spawn & WPs Fix
-- Defias Pirate WPs Fix
-- DeadMines Spawn Fixes
-- Gossip From npc_gossip
-- Arcubus Destroyer Spawned By c11980 Fix
-- Netherwing Mines NPC Xtra Spawns Fix
-- The Horn of the Beast Text Fix
-- Prospect of Faith Text Fix
-- Towers of Certain Doom Text Fix
-- Gruesome, But Necessary Text Fix
-- The Forgotten Heirloom Text Fix
-- The Cursed Crew Text Fix
-- Wine Shop Advert Text Fix
-- The Tome of Divinity Text Fix
-- The Shieldsmith Text Fix
-- Rocknot's Ale Text Fix
-- Ride to Ironforge Text Fix
-- Carnival Boots Text Fix
-- Whirring Bronze Gizmo Text Fix
-- The Alliance Needs Medium Leather! Text Fix
-- The Only Prescription Text Fix
-- Diabolical Plans Text Fix
-- Bow to the Highlord Text Fix
-- Stop the Fires! Text Fix
-- Operation: Skornful Wrath Text Fix
-- Out of My Element? Text Fix
-- The Drakkari Do Not Need Water Elementals! Text Fix
-- Burn Skorn, Burn! Text Fix
-- Dragonmaw Ascendant & Netherwing Egg Spawn Fix
-- Stand Tall, Captain! Req. Rep Fix
-- Light-Armored Elekk Spawns Remove
-- A Necessary Distraction Quest Fix
-- Baa'ri Tablet Fragment Size Fix
-- Defending Wyrmrest Temple Fix
-- Flayer Fog Spawn Fix
-- Corrupt Fire Totem EventAI & Spell Script TargetFix
-- Corrupted Fire Elemental Spawned By Corrupt Fire Totem
-- Eykenen Spawn Fix
-- Corrupted Earth Elemental Spawned By Corrupt Earth Totem
-- Corrupt Earth Totem EventAI Fix
-- Corrupted Air Elemental Spawned By Corrupt Air Totem
-- Corrupt Air Totem EventAI & Spell Script TargetFix
-- Corrupted Water Elemental Spawned By Corrupt Water Totem
-- Corrupt Water Totem EventAI Fix
-- General Krakork EventAI Text Fix
-- Sanctum of the Stars Mailbox Spawn Fix
-- NPC With Wrong Aura Fix
-- Icehowl Entry Fix
-- Invalid Achievement Criteria Requirement Fix
-- Lord Victor Nefarius Fix
-- Fire Damage Removed Fix


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