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 Post subject: Rev. 385
PostPosted: November 5th, 2013, 12:45 pm 
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-- Changelog 385--

New post by Rog360 Yesterday at 1:11 pm
-- Changelog 385 --

-- Creature Template Spell Fixes
-- Ulduar Missing Spawns Fix
-- Spell Target Fixes
-- Naxx bug - the Plaque Quater Door Fix
-- Brann Bronzebeard Flag Fix
-- Salvaged Demolisher Spawntime Fix
-- Salvaged Siege Engine Spawntime Fix
-- Lore Keeper Projection Unit Addon
-- Lore Keeper of Norgannon Flag Fix
-- The Super Egg-O-Matic Quests Fix
-- Mechanolift 304-A Stats Fix
-- Ironwork Cannon Remove EventAI Fix
-- Mimiron's Storm Generator Stats Fix
-- Mimiron's Targetting Crystal Stats Fix
-- Ulduar GO Flag Fixes
-- Flame Leviathan Gate Faction & Flag Fix
-- Grand Theft Palomino Quest Fix
-- Into The Shadow Realm Quest Fix
-- Salanar the Horseman Gossip Fix
-- Death's Challenge Gossip Condition Fix
-- Acherus Soul Prison Spawn & Flag Fix
-- The Gift That Keeps On Giving Quest Fix
-- Siouxsie the Banshee Stats & Spawn Fix
-- Squire Edwards Stats & Spawn Fix
-- The Power Of Blood, Frost And Unholy Quest Fix
-- Abandoned Mail Quest Fix
-- Noth the Plaguebringer Gossip Fix
-- The Lich King Spawn & WP Fix
-- An End To All Things Quest Fix
-- Grim Message Quest Fix
-- Mail Loot Template Fix [YTDB]
-- Misc Spawn Fixes
-- Skullsplitter Headhunter Spawn Fix
-- Ironjaw Basilisk Spawn Fix [Needs Core Fix for LOS]
-- Tarantula & Cage Spawn Fix [Needs Core Fix for LOS]
-- Skullsplitter Panther Spawn Fix
-- Vehicle Accessory Fixes
-- Scarlet Fleet Defender Stats Fix
-- Hyldnir Spoils Loot Fix
-- Exhausted Vrykul EventAI & Spawn Fix
-- Garhal EventAI & Linking Fix
-- Captive Vrykul Spawn Fix
-- Discipline Quest Test Fix
-- Lok'lira the Crone Addon Fix
-- Is That Your Goblin? Temp Remove Fix
-- Taking on All Challengers Temp Remove Fix
-- Defending Your Title Temp Remove Fix
-- Into the Pit Temp Remove Fix
-- Daily Quest Chain Fixes
-- Request Items Text Fixes
-- Orb of Translocation Fix
-- Powering our Defenses Temp Remove Fix
-- Captive Aspirant Text Fix
-- Cultist Saboteur EventAI Fix
-- Cult Saboteur EventAI Text Fix
-- Cult Assassin Text Fix
-- Lance Racks Fixes
-- Npc Spellclick Spells Fix
-- Missing Tournament Stables Spawn Fix
-- Stabled Quel'dorei Steed Speed Fix
-- Lance Rack Loot Fix
-- Mastery Of Melee Quest Alliance & Horde Fix
-- Melee Target EventAI Fix
-- Ranged Target EventAI Fix
-- Charge Target EventAI Fix
-- Minigob Manabonk EventAI Fix [Still Needs Player target only]
-- The Black Knight's Orders Fix [Spell Needs Core Support]
-- Black Knight's Gryphon Missing Template [YTDB]
-- Black Knight's Grave Spawn Fix
-- Black Knight Caster Stats & Spawn Fix
-- Black Knight Shield Proxy Spawn Fix
-- Connall's Grave Spawn Fix
-- Spell Area Fixes
-- Inactive Fel Reaver Spawntime Fix
-- High Explorer Dellorah Stats Fix
-- Vargul Blighthound Stats & Addon Fix
-- Dark Iron Mole Machine Added
-- Auriaya Linking Fix
-- RX-214 Repair-o-matic Station Faction Fix
-- Mechanostriker 54-A Stats Fix
-- Flame Leviathan Linking Fix
-- More Vehicle Accessories Fix
-- Steelforged Defender Linking Fix
-- World Trigger Spawn Fixes
-- Razaani Light Orb Spawntime Fix
-- Data Scan Target Bunny Spawn Fixes
-- Geirrvif Stat Fix
-- Gymer Spellclick Fix
-- Game Event Fixes
-- Sul'lithuz Broodling is Summoned
-- Servant of Antu'sul is Summoned
-- Sul'lithuz Hatchling Not Attackable
-- Antu'sul Not Move
-- Sul'lithuz Warder is Summoned
-- Zul'Farrak Zombie is Summoned
-- Witch Doctor Zum'rah Remove EventAI
-- Ward of Zum'rah is Summoned
-- Skeleton of Zum'rah is Summoned
-- TEMP Shallow Grave Trap Fix
-- Shallow Grave Spawn Fix
-- Greater Healing Ward is Summoned
-- Gahz'rilla Not Random Move
-- Sandfury Slave is Summoned
-- Sandfury Acolyte is Summoned
-- Goblin Land Mine is Summoned
-- Weegli's Armed Barrel is Summoned
-- End Door Faction Fix
-- Chief Ukorz Sandscalp Spawn & EventAI Fix
-- Ruuzlu EventAI Fix
-- Sandfury Guardian Spawn Fix
-- Sandfury Guardian Spawn Fix
-- Sandfury Shadowhunter EventAI Fix
-- Theka the Martyr EventAI Fix
-- Sandfury Executioner EventAI Fix
-- Hydromancer Velratha EventAI Fix
-- Sandarr Dunereaver EventAI Fix
-- Dustwraith EventAI Fix
-- Zerillis EventAI Fix
-- Dokin Farplain Spawn fix
-- Bountiful Table Spawn fix
-- Q9595 Fix
-- Superior Healing Ward is Summoned Fix
-- Glonn & Cerberon is Summoned Fix
-- Q5713 Text Fix
-- GO188480 Spawn Time Fix
-- GO188465 Spawn Time Fix
-- Q11712 & 11899 Double Credit Fix
-- C4393 Text Fix
-- EventAI Text Fix
-- C27219 Spawn Fix
-- Sadraco's Fixes
-- The Ruby Sanctum part 1
-- New Wp Charscale Assaulter
-- Npc Deleted
-- halion spawned where he only apears when all 3 Bosses are downed
-- The Obsidian Sanctum part 1
-- Wp Added Onyx Sanctum Guardian
-- NPC Added Missing
-- Onyx Sanctum Guardian [Fixed health & Mana]
-- Creature linked movement
-- Naxx Fixes - Arachnid Quater - Part 1
-- Tomb Horror
-- Poisonous Skitterer
-- Carrion Spinner
-- Dread Creeper
-- Crypt Reaver
-- Corpse Scarab
-- Creature WP add
-- Venom Stalker


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