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 Post subject: Core UpDate 11834 SD2 2319
PostPosted: October 21st, 2011, 2:15 pm 
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[11834] remove unneeded initialization, thx silverice
[11833] remove trailing whitespaces
Merge pull request #21 from Vinolentus/master
remove trailing whitespace after 11831
[11832] better check for twohand vs main&offhand case gearscore
[11831] Implement player gear score calculation
fix my typo in MotionMaster::MoveFall debug output format. thanks to stf...
[11830] Do not allow referenced loot with negative chance, bug found by ...
[11829] Hopefully really fix *nix compile
[11828] Fix compile on *nix
[11827] Implement Creature Linking via database
[11826] remove no more needed CORPSE_FALLING state, move FallGround meth...
[11825] Implement creature offhand attack. based on patch from maxxx2021
[11824] Note meaning of second value for CONDITION_QUESTTAKEN
[11823] Add SCRIPT_COMMAND_MODIFY_NPC_FLAG to change NPC flags by db-scr...
[11822] Add more functionality to CONDITION_QUESTTAKEN
[11821] ger rid of useless now SplineType, SplineMode etc enums
[11820] implement OrientationFixed splineflag, correct OrientationInvers...
missing changes from my prev. commit
[11819] move SetActiveObjectState to WorldObject level
[11818] update creature's unit part(update spell events, auras, movement...
[11817] Improve db error log output for *_addon auras
Edited src/game/SpellEffects.cpp via GitHub
[11816] Implement spell 64456 for Auriaya encounter
[11815] Fix sending custom GO animation for Type10 GOs
[11814] Use the same variable to store the message for AFK and DND
[11813] Receiving whispers while being dnd
[11812] Add possibility to send sound only to a zone in Map::PlayDirectS...
[11811] Really fix spell 67009. Thank you all for contributing
[11810] Fix a bug preventing displaying correct instance reset time
[11809] Implement ScriptEffect for spell 67009
[11808] Fix an old bug related to GO spawnmask check
[11807] Add gameobject_addon table
[11806] A bit gameobject code refactoring
Merge pull request #18 from stfx/patch-3
Edited src/game/movement/packet_builder.cpp via GitHub
[11805] Send unit movement speeds in the proper order, correct baseMoveS...
[11804] Fix glyph 63279
[11803] Make SPELL_EFFECT_QUEST_COMPLETE always positive
[11802] Implement quest-credit for spell 51858
[11801] Implement spell 43498
Merge pull request #16 from stfx/patch-1
Shutdown messages are now sent in blizzlike intervals. Author: Shauren
[11800] Implement spell 29395
[11799] Add HasAuraOfDifficulty to support difficulty spells for HasAura
[11798] Implement select spellDifficulty support in RemoveAurasDueToSpel...
[11797] Do not remove item on unrelated auraholder remove
[11796] Fix build in VS11 Developer Preview
[11795] Drop support for VC 2005
[11794] Add support to start timed achievements in BGs
[11793] Add more features to SelectAttackingTarget


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