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 Post subject: Core Update 10254
PostPosted: July 25th, 2010, 11:02 am 
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[10254] Remove dependence auction data from auctioneer guid.
[10253] Small cleanup in Unit::HasAura() to prevent redundant upper_bound calls.
[10252] Implement reputation_reward_rate for quests and creatures
[10251] Clarify error message for one from redundent `commamd` data case.
[10250] Select auction store by house id only.
[10249] Don't interrupt area effects for channeled spells from target side
[10248] Implement applying proper penalty spell when making use of talent 46917.
[10247] Prevent lost items at problems with auction loading.
[10246] Restore work killCredit and kill achievements in regular difficulty instances.
[10245] Allow have custom starting area team/personal rating.
[10244] Implement .stable gm command for open pet stable anywhere.
[10243] Traditional crash fix :/
[10242] Rewrite internal work chat command system.
[10241] Fix expired spell interrupt
[10240] Fix some spells proc from spells that don't deal damage/heal
[10239] Fix mangos.sql
[10238] Set flag for offhand melee spells to allow proper triggering of
weapon-specific effects.
[10237] Implement additional damage proc on hit for Spell 8024 and ranks.
[10236] Implement SPELL_AURA_OPEN_STABLE (292).
[10235] Cleanup in pet stable handlers
[10234] Fix typo in IsNoStackAuraDueToAura() Signed-off-by: Lynx3d
[10233] Fixed check in SpellAuraHolder::HasMechanicMask
[10232] Fix mechanic-related check, thanks to VladimirMangos
[10231] Use VMAP::VMAPLoadResult instead raw int loadMap result.
[10230] Avoid use enum valuse/define like naming style for enum type name.
[10229] Small cleanup in taxi related checks
[10228] Missing send packet in empty vendor item list case.
[10227] Generate gameobject loot only at open spawned gameobject.
[10226] Fixed GO_JUST_DEACTIVATED for despawned by default gameobject.
[10225] Propertly show empty vendor list for empty item list.
[10224] Small code style cleanup.
[10223] Implement spell 44572 affect to permament stun immuned targets.
[10222] Restore proc events at full miss/immune spells to target.
[10221] Fixed visual bug that some deleted auras still show at client side
[10220] Fixed typos in mangos.sql
[10219] Fix spell 36032 stacking and procs
[10218] Restore trinket procs when no specific spell is defined for proc
[10217] Update playercreateinfo_action/playercreateinfo_spell
[10216] Re-implement ROLL_VOTE_DISENCHANT disable case
[10215] Implement ROLL_VOTE_DISENCHANT disable
[10214] Small final (as i think ;) ) fixes for restricted flight zone
[10212] Fix iterator update in Unit::RemoveNotOwnSingleTargetAuras
[10211] Fix aura procs for spells with auras that can't trigger
[10210] Do unmount at expire restricted flight zone debuf if still in restricted zone/etc.
[10209] Output leaned before disabled ranks at talent re-learn or spec swith in proper order.
[10208] Add proper data for character orientation at creating.
[10207] Implement ITEM_FLAGS2_EXT_COST_REQUIRES_GOLD use instead sign of ExtendedCost field.
[10205] Correctly implement flying mount restrictions in zone 4395 by use of special area flag.
[10204] Add one more known value for item flags2.
[10203] Rename `item_template`.Faction to Flags2 and define some values for it.
[10202] Rename isInFlight() to IsTaxiFlying() and UNIT_STAT_IN_FLIGHT to UNIT_STAT_TAXI_FLIGHT.
[10201] Broadcast packets only if worldobject is in world
[10200] Correct function call sequence in possess aura handlers
[10199] Fix 33763 and ranks final heal and mana return on dispel and on expire
[10198] Partly revert old changes in load instance reset time.
[10197] Add to `playercreateinfo` original player orientation field.
[10196] Use enum for instance reset event types, some related cleanup code.
[10195] Some gender dependent spells
[10194] Fix "Documentation" filter in ACE VC 10.0 project
[10193] Use for Transport::Update arg uint32 type as for other world objects
[10192] Small cleanups related target effectMask check.
[10191] Update vmaps extractor/assembler binaries using vs2008.
[10190] Fix another numerical corner case...
[10189] Fix display of Interrupted message and fix channelled spells interrupting
[10019] Update realmd opcode list.
[10188] Add missing locales to vmap extractor.
[10187] 2 non-sense code lines cleanup.
[10186] Fixed visibility constant refresh problem with pet direct control spells.
[10185] fix auras adding to previously added holder
[10184] And tradition typos :(
[10183] Better tracking stack checks with include one not catched non-stacking case.
[10182] Allow stacking some tracking bufs, and prevent stacking some other.
[10181] Fix spell 55681. Thanks Danstahr.
[10180] Implement ITEM_FLAGS_NO_EQUIP_COOLDOWN support.
[10179] Add "missing" spells in commented form for Aura::TriggerSpell()
[10178] Clean up some comments and align/indent as done for similar spell code.
[10177] Add custom code for triggered part of spell 39105
[10176] Use std::isnan in the hope more non-MS platforms provide it.
[10175] Fix incorrectly blocked line of sight in certain locations.
[10174] Fix special targeting for spells 812/9347.
[10173] Fix infinity loop in 31884 spell code
[10172] Make git and users happy with contrib/vmap_extract_assembler_bin/make vmaps.bat
[10171] Clarify acoount password/lock command errors.
[10170] Fixed typo in prev commit :/
[10169] New config option Quests.IgnoreRaid
[10168] Add dummy aura effect of spell 32045, 32051 and 32052.
[10167] Bump vmap extractor version to 3.00
[10166] Romve now unused Stormlib, it also included a redundant copy of zlib.
[10165] New collission system (vmap) implementation
[10164] Update vmap_assembler to upcoming new implementation
[10163] Update vmap_extractor to support new vmap implementation.
[10162] Added libmpq to dep/
[10161] Add bzip2
[10160] Fix sql for character_aura and pet_aura
[10159] clean-up after recent changes
[10158] Fixed 2 format args errors in debug output.
[10157] Fix makefile and make gcc happy.
[10156] Add shared object for auras of same spell and move spell proc code to its own file, also spread procs by auras and effect indexes.
[10155] Add script effect of spell 66744
[10154] Fixed crash at loot item and etc after recent check add.
[10153] Add GOSSIP_ICON_* for id 11 to 20
[10152] Useless use 'std::string' for temporary store 'char const*'
[10151] Prevent autostoring not empty bags
[10150] Disableand exclude code use for gui promt from G3D
[10149] Build tbb on linux/unix
[10148] Improve .gm ingame command
[10147] Dynamic objects not have interactive size.
[10146] Implement SCRIPT_COMMAND_PLAY_MOVIE (19)
[10145] Use better (but still hack) way for gameobject size calculation
[10144] Fix movement impairing effects remove for 65547
[10143] Set correct real caster for 48181 and ranks
[10142] Read/write time as uint64 in [character_]account_data
[10141] Fixed commented part of SpellRangeEntry structure
[10140] Reuse GiveQuestSourceItem code for check case
[10139] Fix camera iteration in CameraCall function also dropped not needed for now viewpoint's member
[10138] Include openssl libpath in MANGOS_LIBS for later proper lib search
[10137] Fixed item/go checks for active raid quests.

[10136] Switch to support client 3.3.5a (build 12340)

[10135] Bump for 0.17.0 development.
[10134] MaNGOS 0.16 release.
[10133] Fix targetmap of spell 53434 and 70893
[10132] Cleanup code for Group::_homebindIfInstance
[10131] Fix spellpower bonus received by 54181
[10130] Proper stacking 30108/348 anr ranks from 3.2.x
[10129] Add cooldown marker for talent 56342 and ranks triggering spell.
[10128] Since 3.3 pets receive 100% of master's resilience
[10127] Double damage reduction as expected in 3.3.x
[10126] Code style cleanup in Level2&3.cpp
[10125] Add pool/event ids to diff creature/gameobject list output commands.


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