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 Post subject: Core Update 11241
PostPosted: March 12th, 2011, 3:05 am 
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[11241] Fix some renglish/denglish -> english in config files
[11240] Drop dead code from vmap extractor
[11239] Comment out crap added in [11237] and bonk the author for creating it.
[11238] Add IsActive check in PointMovementGenerator, as with similar waypointmovement
[11237] Implement conditional check in EffectQuestComplete
[11236] Add dummy effect of spell 49859
[11235] Fixed typo in mangosd.conf comment
[11234] Fixed typo in .debug spellcoefs help string.
[11233] Better way to get caster GUID of dynamic object
[11232] Proper check for loot recipient.
[11231] Add dummy aura effect for spell 43969
[11230] Add dummy effect of spell 42793
[11229] Avoid access to Pet in pre-Create relocation
[11228] Correct constant in CalculateRewardHonor
[11227] Fixed item search by guid in bank item slots.
[11226] More strict checks for insatance data load.
[11225] Add comments about spells related to spell 47110
[11224] Add script effect of spell 24751
[11223] Replace direct auras adding from creature*_addon tables by cast spell.
[11222] Move possition setup for Creature and subclases before Create call.
[11221] Fixed typo after recent code move to Spell::EffectTameCreature
[11220] Implement support positive persistent auras
[11219] Allow work SPELL_EFFECT_PERSISTENT_AREA_AURA with 0/18 only target modes
[11218] Fixed typo in local var.
[11217] Drop effect indexes from *_addon.auras field
[11216] Fixed crash at explictly empty string setting for dataDir in mangosd.conf.
[11215] Replace direct code use in .npc tame by spell cast.
[11214] Implement .debug spellcoefs command
[11213] Always PrepareQuestMenu in PrepareGossipMenu when no conditions are set
[11212] Add dummy effect of spell 47110
[11211] Remove obsolete comment
[11210] Set moveflags from CMSG_MOVE_SET_CAN_FLY_ACK to proper mover.
[11209] Some refactoring in Player::BuyItemFromVendorSlot
[11208] Restore cooldown marker work for talent 56342 and ranks
[11207] Fixed cheating with item loot with some conditionas.
[11206] Move visibility self/around to new function and use it.
[11205] Implement talent 48492 and ranks.


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