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 Post subject: Core Update 11390
PostPosted: April 23rd, 2011, 9:13 pm 
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Use enum InventoryResult as return type for few functions.
[11390] Fully fix equipment set save...hopefully.
[11389] Fix mangos.sql after [11385]
[11388] Don't add MOVEFLAG_ROOT in case creature has no moving state
[11387] Add dummy and script effect of spell 45958 and dummy aura of spe...
[11386] Revert small unexpected change -_-
[11385] Add support for static vehicle spawns
[11384] Use SPLINEFLAG_FLYING for flying creatures, SPLINEFLAG_UNKNOWN7 ...
Updated to OpenSSL 1.0.0d 8 Feb 2011
[11382] Fix no-pch compile
[11381] Add methods GetDisplayId/SetDisplayId for gameobjects
[11380] Research dynamicobject types, added DynamicObjectType enum
[11379] Add script effect of spell 24714 and improve related 24751
[11378] Add script effect of spell 26004
GCC sucks.
[11377] Some additional comments in relation to spell 45713
Test code, disabled.
Dropped old code.
[11376] Allow fallback to creature_template_addon of base entry
[11375] Move holder-wide code from effect loop in immune cast checks.
[11374] Another fix for Spell::EffectPersistentAA
More DBC struct fixes.
[11373] Clarify Spell::GetAffectiveCaster result and add comment for rec...
[11372] Convert tabs to 4 spaces
[11371] Drop not needed MAX_CONDITION define
[11370] Implement CONDITION_LEARNABLE_ABILITY, check by spell and option...
[11369] Restore visuals for infinitely channeled spells
[11368] small code refactoring: use container typedefs instead of direct...
[11367] Check for SPELL_ATTR_EX_UNAFFECTED_BY_SCHOOL_IMMUNE when checkin...
[11366] Fix wrong faction-based targeting of DynamicObject's auras
[11365] Implement SPELL_ATTR_EX3_CANT_MISS attribute. Should fix alot of...
[11364] One more ArenaTeam::GetMaxMembersSize use case.
[11363] Small fix for SpellRadiusEntry after recent dbc structure cleanu...
[11362] Really reset UNIT_DYNAMIC_FLAGS at player death
[11361] Add and use max arena team size function instead direct code.
[11360] Reapply persistent aura at return to affected range.
[11359] Fixed typo in recent arenatype enum related changes comment.
[11358] Add script effect of spell 45713
[11357] Replace some 0-values with UNIT_DYNFLAG_NONE
[11356] Some cleanup of JUST_ALIVED for creature and add comments.
[11355] Use ArenaType enum instead raw values
[11354] Resolve porblems with Pet regeneration timer conflict with Creat...
This one is SMSG actually, not my fault anyway. You know who to blame.
[11353] Implement spell 46939
[11352] Send SMSG_NEW_WORLD after teleport destination set.
[11351] Calculate avg. personal rating in more correct way.
[11350] Revert "[11349] Instead group online players use arena team full...
Some lost changes.
Updated some structs and enums.
[11349] Instead group online players use arena team full list for clacul...
[11348] Ignore spell power for item spell 43733.
[11347] More accurate calculation of next movement update time in Random...
[11346] Use DELETE/INSERT in 11335_02_mangos_mangos_string.sql
[11345] More informative message for nonexisten pettition.
[11344] Make .npc delete safe for instances and complete no static creat...
[11343] Check creature*_addon.auras duplicates at loading.
[11342] Use Position struct to hold object coordinates - minor code refa...
[11341] Add dummy effect of spell 32146
[11340] Type in Spell::DoSummon error message
[11339] Set correct summon coordinates for creature pet, created in Spel...
[11338] Remove trailing spaces.
[11337] Better wording. v1.01
[11336] Use movgen Finilize for code applied at normal movegen expire
[11335] Let npc info command display more information.
[11334] Add dummy aura effect of spell 50141
[11333] Reserve 9 bytes for PackedGuid buffer instead of 4096 to save RA...
[11332] Avoid use direct mechanic names in loop bounds for version porta...
[11331] Fixed equipment set save.
[11330] Use ObjectGuid to store Totem guids instead of uint64 and fix re...
[11329] Fix crash in ChatHandler::HandleNpcDeleteCommand() - correctly d...
[11328] Move dummy effect code for spell 38194 to proper spell family ca...
As of patch 3.3.0:
[11327] Restore hunter's pet call after desmiss work.
[11326] Script effect of spell 47097 had reversed area condition accordi...
[11325] Made recently added coordinates check only for debug build mode.
[11324] TARGET_RANDOM_NEARBY_DEST expected targeting any random target p...
[11323] Avoid explicit use HIGHGUID_UNIT as creature high guid in guids ...
[11322] Get rid of redundant CalculateSpellDuration calls, calculate onc...
[11321] Fixed client crash at wrong quest shift-link structure.
[11320] Check if Creature::GetRespawnCoord() function returns valid map ...
[11319] Revert "[11318] Check for NaN values in IsValidMapCoord() functi...
[11318] Check for NaN values in IsValidMapCoord() functions.
[11317] More SQL requests to use prepared statements.
[11316] Implement a basic system to restore default faction for creature...
[11315] Fix typos in recent commit
[11314] Fix typo in file name for generated PDB file
[11313] Add m_ prefix for a few values in Creature class
[11312] Better wording.
[11311] Add SCRIPT_COMMAND_ATTACK_START to initiate attack by creature.
[11310] Make .npc add/.gobject add commands work safe.
[11309] Extend SCRIPT_COMMAND_EMOTE, allow search for nearby creature to...
[11308] Add dummy effect of spell 43209
[11307] Add dummy aura effect of spell 6606
[11306] Fix problem in WmoLiquid::GetLiquidHeight() properly instead of ...
[11305] more safe code in vmaps and Field class


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