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 Post subject: Core Update 11570
PostPosted: May 30th, 2011, 12:22 pm 
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[11570] Add enum SpellCastResultCustom, for future use with SPELL_FAILED...
[11569] Remove recently added area switch time duel check.
[11568] Use bit indexes in HITINFO_UNK* naming
[11567] Implement spells 66725, 68161, 66808, 68160.
[11566] Fixed problem with reuse BG save data not only at first failed l...
[11565] Output guid string instead low guid only for .npc info
[11564] Missing final false case in CheckMailBox
[11563] Add support mailbox access for npc with CREATURE_TYPEFLAGS_SQUIR...
[11562] Additional comments and corrections to SMSG_LOOT_MONEY_NOTIFY
[11561] Add missing byte (unknown) to SMSG_LOOT_MONEY_NOTIFY
[11560] Implement .mailbox command
[11559] Not command character to sitdown at logout request when unexpect...
[11558] Fixes and way work chnages for GO lock/interact state
[11557] Duel related fixes
[11556] Implement spell 42005 proper target seelction.
[11555] Add a comment for SMSG_UPDATE_COMBO_POINTS
[11554] Add some "tail" data for SMSG_CAST_FAILED and SMSG_PET_CAST_FAIL...
[11553] Implement script effect for spell 68861.
[11552] Implement aura SPELL_AURA_STOP_NATURAL_MANA_REGEN (294)
[11551] Cast 64455 with full stack amount
[11550] Add and use VICTIMSTATE_UNAFFECTED, in relation with HITINFO_MIS...
[11549] Fixed talent 58872 and ranks triggering by not blocked attacks.
[11548] Fixed target amount for spell 64218
[11547] Fixed spell 24604 targets.
[11546] Implement script effect for spell 72034/72096
[11545] Implement spell 24320
[11544] Disable automatic *.map file generation at build
[11543] Fixed change form to same (powershifting)
[11542] Replace partly spell list by recently added function in one more...
[11540] Fixed spell 59752 and some other impossibility cast in stun like...
[11539] Implement group guids with HIGHGUID_GROUP
[11538] Add safeguard against weirdness in UpdateCombatSkills
[11537] Nerfing the word "Redunction" and remove one letter, to Reductio...
[11536] Override Unit::SetPhaseMask for players, move some functionality...
[11535] More wide use IsFitToFamilyMask
[11534] Guild disban memory losses and unsafe code.
[11533] Fixed wrong call IsFitToFamilyMask in my prev commit.
[11532] Prevent triggering some spells at 0 damage hit.
[11531] Normalize gameobject's quaternion, thanks to zergtmn for pointin...
[11530] Fixes for talent 47201 and ranks
[11529] Pack and send to client all gameobject's quaternion components w...
[11528] typeid usage req. include <typeinfo> for GCC build.
[11527] Check rotation0 and rotation1 fields at gameobject data loading
[11526] Make ChatHandler accessable from script DLL as expected by recen...
[11525] Fixed stacking talent 46951 and ranks triggered spell with glyph...
[11524] Avoid adding auction item to player inventory update queue.
[11523] Implement .npc aiinfo
[11522] Replace code expression (!a > 0) to safe version.
[11521] Fixed typo in chat command help.
[11520] Fixed service/daemon calls order. Mixed wrongly in my prev. rela...
[11519] Fix player totem icons (those under player portrait)
[11518] Add script effect of spell 48810 and 48811, dummy aura of 48143
[11517] Restore work glyph 43350
[11516] Druid T10 Balance 4P Bonus
[11515] Implement spell 62679.
[11514] Periodic summon spells 53035, 53036, 53037.
[11513] Not pass command list as format %s value.
[11512] Fixes for channeled spells casting.
Fixed typo.
[11511] Fix opcode names after recent update
[11510] Implement SPELL_AURA_MOD_PARRY_FROM_BEHIND_PERCENT (288) and rel...
[11509] Trigger 35541 and ranks only at success offhand hit.
[11508] Restore build with GCC (so make sources real C++ from VC++)
[11507] Fixed problem with too later config read in recent added posix d...
[11506] Fixed warning at added in prev commit code.
[11505] Clarify check cases "health drops below" in spell proc code.
[11504] Druid tier 10 2p bonus affect work
[11503] Warrior t10 dps set bonuses.
[11502] Fixed windows service run after adding posix daemon support
[11501] Implement item 46098/46348 enchanting work.
[11500] Allow run mangos as daemon (linux/other posix)
[11499] Clarify quest giver object state after Player::AddQuest.
[11498] Allow stacking some paladin DoTs at target.
[11497] Fixed another source of crash at accept quest from item.
[11496] Add dummy aura effect (removal) of spell 12774
[11495] Implement damage taken reduce part of spell 20911, 25899.
[11494] Implement spell 1842 and similar.
[11493] Add comment for prev. commit
[11492] Fix possible crash at guardian pet unsummon
[11491] Step back to implicit ObjectGuid(uint64 const& guid) in wait cod...
[11490] Alow implicit cast ObjectGuid->uint64 and only explicit uint64->...
[11489] Remove the old and custom UNIT_NPC_FLAG_GUARD for creatures.
[11488] Add ObjectGuid::operator !() for use as shorter form of IsEmpty(...
[11487] Fix WorldTimer code (previous code causes server time flow speed...
[11486] Revert recent changes in BattleGroundMgr::DeleteAllBattleGrounds
[11485] Move mail opcode handlers to separate file
[11484] Fix typo in HandleSocketOpcode
[11483] Change postfix iterator increments to prefix where possible
[11482] Reorder some fields for better memory layout
[11481] Restore gems insert to sockets.
[11480] Avoid use 2 random call in dummy 14537
[11479] Check map enter for proper deep map in corpse enter case.
[11478] Prevent overwrite main target at spell cast check for TARGET_PET
[11477] Correctly unload scriptlib at errors.
[11476] Fixed possible build problem.
[11475] Provide wrappers for set/get ObjectGuid in InstanceData as uint6...
[11474] Adjust text of some log messages related to spell target
[11473] Avoid unexpected uint64->ObjectGuid convertion in ObjectGuid::Ge...
[11472] Implement spells 23184/25041 periodic trigger code.
[11471] Implement dummy effect 21147
[11470] Final cleanup uint64 guid cases
[11469] Fix unapply of SPELL_AURA_MOD_THREAT auras when caster dies or l...
[11468] Finally remove all uses Object::GetGUID from core sources.
[11467] Reorder class Channel sections to default used in mangos
[11466] Use ObjectGuid in Map::m_objectsStore
[11465] non-ObjectGuid guids in random places.
[11464] Some item related guids convertion to ObjectGuids
Added spell cast flags research.
[11463] Cleanup codestyle in PetHandler.cpp
[11462] Missing ObjectGuids in spell code.
[11461] Use ObjectGuid in GuardAI also...
[11460] Use ObjectGuids in last missing cases in AI classes.
[11459] More ObjectGuid using in Aura/SpellAuraHolder code.
[11458] Non-item related uint64 guids replaced by ObjectGUids in Player....
[11457] Use ObjectGuid way work with PLAYER_DUEL_ARBITER.
[11456] Some ObejctGuid uses in Pet code.
[11455] Use ObjectGuid in HashMapHolder
[11454] Use ObjectGuid in class Loot
[11453] Fixed tier 8 4p bonus affect work
[11452] Implement spell 14537 effects.
[11451] Fixed proc talent 63156 and ranks from 6353 and ranks.
[11450] Aloow stacking some warlock DoTs
[11449] Correct script effect of spell 50218
[11448] Fixed typo as source for recent crashes at quest start.
[11446] Reimplement corpse enter to instance.
[11445] Correct a possible crash, if caster of aura has disconnected aft...
[11444] Replace some poo with good shit, improvements related to [11443]
[11443] Implement SPELL_AURA_MIRROR_IMAGE (247) and related receive/repl...
[11442] Cleanup codestyle in WorldSocketMgr.cpp & WorldSocketMgr.h
[11441] Add positiveness detection for SPELL_AURA_MOD_RESISTANCE auras
[11440] Restore itemset 650 4p bonus affect work
[11439] Cleanup codestyle in Bag.cpp & Bag.h
[11438] Clarify code for quest start/source/req items adding/remove at q...
[11437] Fixed cases where forgotten that bags have TYPEID_CONTAINER != T...
[11436] Really save/load item 5/6 objectives counters in quest status.
[11435] Fixed IsPositiveEffect triggered spell case and some cleanups
[11434] Implemented diminishing returns (DR) for dodge and parry chances...
[11433] Remove remains 'internalItemHandler' as default in past item scr...
[11432] Provide access to some script data (names, count) for script DLL
[11431] Make gcc happy again
[11430] Introduce GuildMgr
[11429] Cleanup code for m_ClientBattleGroundIds.
[11428] Small cleanup in LoadAuctions.
[11427] Add dummy effect of spell 48790
[11426] Call JustSummoned (gameobject case) also from EffectSummonObject
[11425] Remove duplicate SetSheath call for hunter pet.
[11424] Cleanups and fixes in FillAreaTargets
[11423] Support localization into auction sorting.
[11422] Fix bug in spell dummy for 46485, looking up by wrong field
[11421] Minor adjustment of spell dummy effect for 46797
[11420] Fixed non-PCH build.
[11419] Resolve some problems with auction sorting.
[11418] Add CreatureAI call JustSummoned version for GameObject*
[11417] Add dummy effect of spell 45583
[11416] Add dummy effect of spell 46171
[11415] Better server side error reporting to player for bid adding case...
[11414] Fixed auction expire mail subject.
[11413] Extend dummy effect for spell 52369 and 52371
[11412] Add dummy effect of spell 52369 and 52371
[11411] More comment to more clear place after prev. commit.
[11410] Move class and some other field set to Pet::InitStatsForLevel
[11409] Fixed value typo in ITEM_FLAG_UNK30 define.
[11408] Do not ignore SHEATH_STATE_UNARMED when 0 defined in database *_...
[11407] Add dummy effect of spell 17950
[11406] Add dummy aura effect (removal) of spell 42454 Comment
[11405] Fixed trailing spaces in LfgJoinResult.
[11404] Revert [11403] Adjust dummy aura of spell 51329.
[11403] Adjust dummy aura of spell 51329, apply/remove only expected fla...
[11402] More info about spell effect targets in debug output.
[11401] Correct bug with displaying reputation on new characters.
[11400] Add missing file to*proj
[11399] Make CMake a bit more usefull for Win/MSVC
[11398] Get rid of 2 useless timers and drop a problematic diff in sessi...
[11397] Prevent happens one from cases "alive ghost" state.
[11396] Auction: server side sorting and get all auctions feature.
[11395] minor code cleanup for spell 26275
[11394] the spell ids 26275 and 38358 were out of order in the switch()....
[11393] add whitespace rules to .gitattributes
[11392] implement spell 38358 which casts 38353
SQL fix.
[11391] Auction: multi sell, sale pending list and other fixes.

Use enum InventoryResult as return type for few functions.


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