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 Post subject: Core UpDate 11764 SD2 2257
PostPosted: July 30th, 2011, 3:59 pm 
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[11764] fix some more cast end spell procs
[11763] fix 48108
[11762] move IsCastEndProcModifierAura to more fitting place
[11761] change conditions for default cast end proc
[11760] change proc related part of [11748] note: PROC_EX_CAST_END shoul...
[11759] Fixed money reward for max level and repeatable quests
[11758] better check for totem immunity for channeled spells
[11757] change target of end cast procs to always be the caster, also no...
[11756] Call MovementInform at arrive in effect movement generator, move...
[11755] Fixed sql guards for restore proper wotj next git_id -s uses.
[11754] Implement jump (parabolic movement) effect
[11753] Show pending auction sales from all auctionhouses.
[11752] fix spell mod sending
[11751] Implement option for set ahbot config file in mangosd command li...
[11750] Implement npc spells 28096 and 28111
[11749] add C++ casts
[11748] Replace SpellModifier struct by direct aura access (this should ...
[11747] Resore use skinning_loot_template in ahbot code
[11746] Fixed default value for AuctionHouseBot.Buyer.BuyPrice to false
[11745] Use less CPU/HDD loading value for AuctionHouseBot.ItemsPerCycle...
[11744] Include spell_loot_template in ahbot loot filter
[11743] Fixed auction crash in case missing localization for only some i...
[11742] Fixed typo in ahbot.conf comments.
[11741] Drop recently added duplicate code with remove SPELL_AURA_SPIRIT...
[11740] Restore spellmod charges used by fail spell cast
[11739] Fixed possible crash after auction loading with wrong houseid fi...
[11738] make armor bonuses from certain items be unaffected by base armo...
[11737] Fixed use ".gobject move" with implicit player coordinates.
[11736] Hide passwords from logs
[11735] Spells 64844 and 64904 can target caster
[11734] Use vector instead of list for sorting auction items
[11733] fix melee attack speed slowing part of 53695 and ranks
[11732] Interrupt movement state at dying
[11731] AHBot chat/console commands.
[11730] Move empty guid check into GetPlayerAccountIdByGUID code.
[11729] Improve fishing bobber placement and send more correct error mes...
[11728] Lost line in prev. commit
[11727] Interrupt spline movement at teleporting
[11726] Fix build on *nix
[11725] Fixed chat command parse with explicit literal check.
[11724] Sync some ahbot config option default values in config/code
[11723] Auction House Bot (AHBot) patch applied
[11722] Fix non-pch build
[11721] Simplify walk/run movement mode selection code
[11720] Implement spline movement subsystem
[11719] Destroy all movement generators at Unit::CleanupsBeforeDelete ca...
[11718] gtfo baddie
[11717] fix 47245 proc
[11716] Always use _unsigned_ BIGINT fields in DB for time store
[11715] Remove World::setConfigPos for uint32 and move check to all uint...
[11714] Add enum AuctionHouseType and let use it for more direct access ...
[11713] Load ItemClass.dbc
[11712] Fix build
[11711] Rewrite WaypointMovementGenerator
[11710] Don't send movements of stopped creatues
[11709] Cleanup, simplify random and targeted movement generator code
[11708] add negative auras, channeled and regeneration spells immunity f...
[11707] Drop unused in 3.x AuctionHouseMgr::SendAuctionSalePendingMail
[11706] Use proper text structure in auction mail subject/text
[11705] Allow have auction bid generated by server
[11704] Resolve possible crash in auction code for paiment pending state...
[11703] Proper way create items in Item::CreateItem/CloneItem for items ...
[11702] Alsways attempt generate randomProperty for item in at create if...
[11701] Command .auction item and support auction without owner. Comment
[11700] Implement SPELL_AURA_DETECT_AMORE (170)
[11699] fix reflect damage if caster can reflect too
[11698] Fixed spells 50756 and 50758 stack check
[11697] fix damage and duration of reflected spells
[11696] Implement spell 51336
[11695] Implement spell 24780 (switching target every 10s)
[11694] Implement spell 28560
[11693] Send main spell info in EffectForceCast
[11692] Fixed damage/heal amount from some triggered HoTs/DoTs.
[11691] Typo in select proper spell difficulty function
[11690] Shaman T10 Restoration bonus
[11689] Priest T8 Healer 4P Bonus
[11688] Priest T8 Shadow 4P Bonus
[11687] Mage T8 2P Bonus
[11686] Fixed startup error for 31785 in `spell_proc_event`
[11685] Death Knight T9 Melee 2P Bonus
[11684] Hunter T7 4P Bonus
[11683] More consitence use m_target for DestroyItemWithOnStoreSpell cal...
[11682] Priest T10 Healer 2P Bonus
[11681] Rogue T9 2P Bonus
[11680] Druid T8 Balance 4P Bonus
[11679] allow 31785 and ranks proc from periodic heals


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