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 Post subject: World ID's
PostPosted: November 6th, 2011, 2:42 pm 
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<map id="110010000" name="Sanctum"/>
<map id="110020000" name="Kaisinel"/>
<map id="110070000" name="Kaisinel Academy"/>
<map id="120010000" name="Pandaemonium"/>
<map id="120020000" name="Marchutan"/>
<map id="120080000" name="Marchutan Priory"/>
<map id="210010000" name="Poeta"/>
<map id="210020000" name="Eltnen"/>
<map id="210030000" name="Verteron"/>
<map id="210040000" name="Heiron"/>
<map id="210050000" name="Inggison"/>
<map id="210060000" name="Theomobos"/>
<map id="220010000" name="Ishalgen"/>
<map id="220030000" name="Altgard"/>
<map id="220020000" name="Morheim"/>
<map id="220040000" name="Beluslan"/>
<map id="220050000" name="Brusthonin"/>
<map id="220070000" name="Gelkmaros"/>
<map id="300010000" name="IDAbPro"/>
<map id="300020000" name="IDTest_Dungeon"/>
<map id="300030000" name="NochsanaTrainingCamp"/>
<map id="300040000" name="DarkPoeta"/>
<map id="300050000" name="AstreiaChamber"/>
<map id="300060000" name="SulfurTreeNest"/>
<map id="300070000" name="ChamberOfRoah"/>
<map id="300080000" name="LeftWingChamber"/>
<map id="300090000" name="RightWingChamber"/>
<map id="300100000" name="SteelRake"/>
<map id="300110000" name="Dredgion"/>
<map id="300120000" name="KysisChamber"/>
<map id="300130000" name="MirenChamber"/>
<map id="300140000" name="KrotanChamber"/>
<map id="300150000" name="IDTemple_Up"/>
<map id="300160000" name="IDTemple_Low"/>
<map id="300170000" name="IDCatacombs"/>
<map id="300190000" name="IDElim"/>
<map id="300200000" name="IDNovice"/>
<map id="300210000" name="IDDreadgion_02"/>
<map id="300220000" name="IDAbRe_Core"/>
<map id="300230000" name="IDCromede"/>
<map id="310010000" name="IDAbProL1"/>
<map id="310020000" name="IDAbProL2"/>
<map id="310030000" name="IDAbGateL1"/>
<map id="310040000" name="IDAbGateL2"/>
<map id="310050000" name="IDLF3Lp"/>
<map id="310060000" name="IDLF1B"/>
<map id="310070000" name="IDLF1B_Stigma"/>
<map id="310080000" name="IDLC1_arena"/>
<map id="310090000" name="IDLF3_Castle_indratoo"/>
<map id="310100000" name="IDLF3_Castle_Lehpar"/>
<map id="310110000" name="TheobomosLab"/>
<map id="310120000" name="IDAbProL3"/>
<map id="320010000" name="IDAbProD1"/>
<map id="320020000" name="IDAbProD2"/>
<map id="320030000" name="IDAbGateD1"/>
<map id="320040000" name="IDAbGateD2"/>
<map id="320050000" name="IDDF2Flying"/>
<map id="320060000" name="IDDF1B"/>
<map id="320070000" name="IDSpace"/>
<map id="320080000" name="IDDF3_Dragon"/>
<map id="320090000" name="IDDC1_arena"/>
<map id="320100000" name="IDDF2_Dflame"/>
<map id="320110000" name="IDDF3_LP"/>
<map id="320120000" name="IDDC1_Arena_3F"/>
<map id="320130000" name="AdmaStronghold"/>
<map id="320140000" name="IDAbProD3"/>
<map id="400010000" name="Ab1"/>
<map id="510010000" name="LF_Prison"/>
<map id="520010000" name="DF_Prison"/>
<map id="600010000" name="Underpass"/>
<map id="900020000" name="Test_Basic"/>
<map id="900030000" name="Test_Server"/>
<map id="900100000" name="Test_GiantMonster"/>
<map id="900110000" name="Housing_barrack"/>
<map id="300240000" name="Aturam Sky Fortress"/>
<map id="300250000" name="Esoterrace"/>
<map id="300260000" name="Ladis Forest"/>
<map id="300270000" name="Dorgel Manor"/>
<map id="300280000" name="Lentor Outpost"/>
<map id="300300000" name="Empyrean Crucible"/>
<map id="300310000" name="Tahmes"/>
<map id="300240000" name="IDStation"/>
<map id="300250000" name="IDF4Re_Drana"/>
<map id="300260000" name="IDElemental_1"/>
<map id="300270000" name="IDElemental_2"/>
<map id="300280000" name="IDYun"/>
<map id="300290000" name="Test_MRT_IDZone"/>
<map id="300300000" name="IDArena"/>
<map id="300310000" name="IDRaksha"/>
<map id="120080000" name="Arena_D_Lobby"/>
<map id="110070000" name="Arena_L_Lobby"/>


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