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 Post subject: Aion GM Commands
PostPosted: April 12th, 2013, 7:07 pm 
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April 19th, 2006, 8:45 am
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Add Item: Syntax: //add_item <player_name> <item_id> <quantity>
Add Credits: Syntax: //add_credits <playername> <quantity>
Add Cube: Syntax: //add_cube <player_name>
Add Drop: Syntax: //add_drop <mob_id> <item_id> <min> <max> <chance>
Add Effect: Syntax: //add_effect <skill_id> <duration_seconds>
Add Emotion: Syntax: //add_emotion <emotion_id> [expire_time]
Add Set: Syntax: //add_set <player_name> <set_id>
Add Skill: Syntax: //add_skill <skill_id> <skill_level>
Add Missing Skills: Syntax: //add_missing_skills
Add Missing Emotions: Syntax: //add_missing_emotions
Add Title : Syntax: //add_title <title_id> [expire_time]
Add Announce: Syntax: //add_announce <anonymous|name> <message>
Add Announce Faction: Syntax: //add_announce_faction <ely|asmo> <message>

Remove Skill: Syntax: //remove_skill <skill_id>

Delete: Syntax: //delete <npc_id|mob_id>
Delete Skill: Syntax: //delete_skill <skill_id>

Change Class: Syntax: //change_class <chanter/cleric|sorcerer/spirit_master|assassin/ranger|gladiator/templar>
Change Race: Syntax: //change_race <asmo|ely>
Change Sex: Syntax: //change_sex <man|girl>
Change Name: Syntax: //change_name

Reload Html: Syntax: //html reload || //html test <filename.xhtml>

Ban: Syntax: //ban <player_name> <account|ip|full> <time_minutes>
Ban Ip: Syntax: //ban_ip <mask> <time_minutes>
Ban Mac: Syntax: //ban_mac <time_minutes>
Ban Chat: Syntax: //ban_chat <player_name> <time_minutes>

Unban Chat: Syntax: //unban_chat <player_name>

Jail: Syntax: //jail <player_name> <time_delay>
Unjail: Syntax: //unjail <player_name>

Kick: Syntax: //kick <player_name>
Kill: Syntax: //kill <target>
Res: Syntax: //res <instant|prompt>

Heal: Syntax: //heal <null|dp|fp>
Invisible: Syntax: //invis
Invulnerable: Syntax: //invulnerable
Silence: Syntax: //silence
Speed: Syntax: //speed <valor>

Info: Syntax: //info <target>
Info Zone: Syntax: //info_zone
Loc: Syntax: //loc
Gps: Syntax: //gps
See: Syntax: //see
Online: Syntax: //online

Skill Dispel: Syntax: //skill_dispel

Teleport_arena: Syntax: //teleport_arena <arena_id>
Teleport_dredgion: Syntax: //teleport_dredgion


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