ahbot playerbots and VIP Accounts

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ahbot playerbots and VIP Accounts

Postby MadMax765 » October 3rd, 2011, 5:54 pm

This works with SkyFireEMU_420

Not yet tested with 4.0.6

I combined ahbot and vip accounts together, since vip accounts conflicts with ahbot without a couple of simple changes.

I will make a patch just for playerbots, but for now, ahbot playerbots and vip accounts are all in 1. Here is some basic info on what they do:

VIP Accounts:

gives extra XP for players who are VIP. Settings in config file to tell how much extra (can be 2x 3x etc.)

This comes in handy when offering platinum membership, and giving players GM1 (making GM1 just have a few extra commands like tele and lookup tele, or .bank)

its set so you can manually add the account as VIP, and set an expiration date (unix timestamp go to http://www.epochconverter.com/ to convert normal date to unix...)

If requested, I can write some simple php code to automatically set this in the database. You would be responsible for making it secure so others cant find the code and make themselves platinum\vip.


A "fake" player that places a buttload of items for sale in the auctionhouse. Great for low population servers that need help with their economy. The fake player will also purchase items that players put in the auctionhouse, at competitive prices... Very configurable. Config in the main config file. This is similar to the other AHBot that is on this site, but is not the same one. That one may work better. I have not tested. Only thing I don't like about the other one is the extra config file. Also, I am not sure this ahbot sells glyphs. will check and report back.


One of the most sought after scripts. This allows a player to bring in another character from their own account, controlled by the server, to run with them. The idea is for the server to make them act like another player... allowing for looting, quest completion\obtaining, requesting items for quests, casting spells\buffs etc. Some things work perfectly. Some are buggy and some don't work at all.

The biggest problem is teleporting. Sometimes the playerbot says he is there, the map shows him there, but you cannot see him. I cannot figure this out. This happens often in battlegrounds and instances. Sometimes dismissing the bot then calling it again fixes this. This is my #1 priority on my "todo" list. For now, it compiles and works.

Other Patches I am adding:

I have a repository. its on bitbucket. I will post the link later once I get everything up there.

Fake Players - (shows players in the "who" list who are not really on. whispers to them get a reply of "I don't want to talk at this time" or something similar.)
Turn on\off fatigue - This lets you shut off fatigue, in case you have modified some maps and can't use the areas because of fatigue... of course, if you have the ability to create maps, you probably already have this done. This adds an option in worldserver.conf to turn it on or off.
BeastMaster - An NPC that lets a hunter buy (with gold or "token") pets. Has options in config file. Can set to do hunter only, or allow anyone to have a pet, and to purchase call\dismiss and feed pet. Nice little nonblizzlike addition. Has 2 types of pets. normal and exotic. If I remember correctly, they are all hard coded into the script, but I will probably make a db table to store them, so you can add or remove at any time.
Buff NPC - As the name states, an NPC that casts spells on a player... for a price.
Professions NPC - NPC that will, for a price, increase your professions. Config settings. Have it increase by 1, 10, 100.... or however much you want. does ALL professions, including fishing first aid and cooking. Can be set to use gold or tokens.

There are more, but off the top of my head I cannot remember them. Also, one of the things I really enjoy is finding an old script and making it work for this awesome core. If you have an old script, or just need one made (it will always go public, so don't ask if I can make something for you, and not share it) just ask me, and i'll see what I can do.

The repo for all these and more:

this does require mercurial (in linux) of tortoisehg I think, for windows. simple command in linux: hg clone https://bitbucket.or...itycore-patches

It contains both tc and skyfire patches... Skyfire patches will be added shortly. I wanted to get this post written while waiting on a compile (seems like that is all I ever do at my com... wait...)

Hope this wasn't too long of a post.

oh, and I recommend, if not using vip accounts, use the other ahbot posted on this site. odds are it is much better with better support :)

http://www.projectskyfire.org/index.php ... -accounts/
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