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CryptHome VIP - Changelog from v6.3 to v7.0

Postby MadMax765 » March 27th, 2017, 11:00 pm

Version 7.0 beta version, is finally available.
Keep in mind that this, is beta version (1), and the more stable version of 7.0 (2), will be released after.


Basically this release is sort of huge, both in positive and negative ways, let me explain.
We've been through a big core merge, which means that we've gotten a lot of new and useful fixes (and much more stability!), but some of our previous fixes/working stuff got broken (compatibility issues).

I've fixed most of the compatibility issues (spells etc), beside on dungeons/raids. Many of the dungeons will still work as intended, but especially some of the Cataclysm ones will have big issues due to missing spell and boss scripts. (/Hint, Dragonsoul/Firelands)
I'm hoping to clean it up for version 7 (2), but it's a huge task and a lot of scripts to merge in.

While that's said, there are tons of good things about upgrading to version 7, (if you don't consider Dragonsoul & Firelands).
- Stability. We were aware that the stability was rather poor on the previous releases, however it is much more improved.
- Classes and spells are generally better working.
- Zones are improved. (Still working on it though)
- Core is generally more improved.
- Dungeon Finder is much more improved
- Raid Finder is enabled and sort of working.
- Anti Cheat is much more improved. It now detects speed and fly, without DC'ing you because of using spell with speed, transport with speed etc. (All these moments are.. gone!! )


---- Silverpine Forest ----
-- Set Transports in Silverpine for Horde Haulers and Horde Coffin Haulers --
-- Waiting for Exsanguinate Quest Fix --
-- The Warchief Cometh Quest Fix --
-- Lordaeron Quest Fix --

---- Ashenvale ----
-- Bad News Bear-er Quest Fix --
-- Correct Phasing on Splintertree Post --
-- Pierce Their Heart Quest Fix --
-- To The Rescue! Quest Fix --

-- Making Stumps Quest Fix --
-- Destroy the Legion Quest Fix --
-- Dread Head Redemption Quest Fix --
-- Mission Improbable Quest Fix --

-- Crisis at Splintertee Quest Fix (95% Blizz) --
-- Playing with Felfire Quest Fix --
-- Dead-Elves-Walking Quest Fix --

-- Hellscream's Watch Adjustments (Spawned Missing Quest Givers) --
-- Rain of Destruction Quest Fix --
-- Adjustments for Ashenvale Wrecker --

---- Redridge Mountains (All Quest at the zone are Working now) 90-95 % Blizzlike (Will Improve in time) ----
-- Saving Foreman Oslow Re-fix --
-- Misc Spawns and Phase Fixes on Redridge Mountains --
-- In Search of Bravo Company and Breaking Out is Hard to Do Quest Fix (100 % Blizz) --
-- Jorgensen Quest Fix --

-- Krakauer Quest Fix --
-- And Last But Not Least... Danforth Quest Fix --
-- They Drew First Blood Quest Phasing and Adjustments (100 % Blizz) --
-- Spawn aditional Muckdwellers --
-- Prisoners of War Quest Fix --

-- To Win a War, You Gotta Become War Quest Fix --
-- Detonation Quest Fix (60-70% Blizzlike) --
-- Shadowhide Extinction Quest Fix --
-- The Grand Magus Doane Quest Fix --

-- Showdown at Stonewatch Quest Fix --
-- Darkblaze, Brood of the World Breaker Quest Fix --

-- Goblin New Fixes --
-- Warchief's Revenge Quest Reworked (fixed a possible WoW Crash there) --
-- Adjusted Phasing for Town-in-a-Box Including Related Phasing Issues (Propper Terrains Switch are implemented now, Town-in-a-box and volcano swaps are working now) --

-- Get Back to Town Quest Re-work --
-- Old Friends Quest Re-Work --
-- A Goblin in Shark Clothing Quest Re-Work --

-- Corrected a lot of missing Texts for Goblin Questline (Thanks to Arkania) --
-- Add some Missing Visuals to 447 Quest --
-- Fixed an Issue with Fourth and Goal that causes player to get killed --

-- Stormwind City --
-- Re-Adjust Black Bishop Diagonals Movements --
-- Twillight Shores Re-Work --
-- Bluetip Tresher Corrected Health and Damage --

-- Twillight Highlands --
-- Find Fanny Quest Fix --
-- Ogre Bashin' Quest Adjustments --
-- The Only Homes We Have Quest Fix --

-- Firebeard Bellows Quest Fix --
-- Anything we can Get Quest Adjustments --
-- The Fighting Spirit Quest Fix --
-- The Scent of Battle Quest Fix --

-- Call in the Artillery (Alliance and Horde) Quest Fix --
-- Added Pooling to Handle the spawns of Rare Creature Sambas --
-- Adjusted Health and Spawns of Karkog the Exterminator --

-- Deepholm --
-- Without a Captain or Crew Quest Fix --

-- Vashj'ir (Started to fix it will take until V 7.1 at least to have it fully working: First Starting with Alliance Questline) --
-- Pay it Forward Quest Fix --
-- Odor Coater Quest Fix --
-- A Better Vantage Quest Fix (Alliance and Horde) --

-- Art of Attraction Quest Fix --
-- Good Deed Left Undone Quest Fix --

-- Gimme Shellter! Quest Fix --
-- Better Late than Dead Quest Fix --
-- All or Nothing Quest Fix --
-- Crabby Patrons Quest Fix --

-- The Abyssal Ride Quest Fix (Still at 75% Blizz) --
-- Ain't Too Proud to Beg Quest Fix --
-- Undersea Sanctuary Quest Fix --
-- Vortex Quest Fix --

-- On Our Own Terms Quest Fix --
-- Can't Start a Fire Without a Spark Quest Fix --
-- A Desperate Plea Querst Fix --
-- Spawn Flight Masters of Vashj'ir (Alliance) --

-- Added Pooling and WP to Handle the spawn of Rare Creature Gnash --
-- Set Rope Ladders Climb (Alliance Ship) --
-- Nespirah Abscess Adjustments --
-- Spawned tons of Missing Creatures (Still a lot left) --

-- Dungeons --
-- Corrected Teleports of Instance The Temple of Atal'Hakkar (Sunken Temple) --
-- Corrected Loot From Satchel of Helpful Goods (Dungeon Finder Rewards) --
-- Fixed an Issue where Worgens Dks was falling to the ground at creation

- Added a lot of Quest Objectives properly on all maps/zones. It will now have a larger objective on the map than before. (Blizzlike depending on each quest)

Horde Side - Stonetalon Mountains:
Added more spawns to Alliance Attack Plans Quest so it's actually complete-able
Fixed an issue with the quest "Alliance Attack Plans" where it would only show an exact coordinate on map instead of a rather large place where the npcs could be located.
Fixed an issue where Overlord Krom'gar NPC was missing.
Spawned Krom'gar Grunt patrol

Fixed completion text for Quest: "Krom'gar Fortress"
Fixed and scripted quest: Mr. D's Wild Ride
Fixed Quest Reward Text for Quest: Mr. D's Wild Ride
Fixed Spawn of Sergeant Dontrag
Fixed Quest: And That's Why They Call Them Peons..."

Fixed an issue with the quest "Da Voodoo: Stormer Heart" where it would only show an exact coordinate on map instead of a rather large place where the npcs could be located.
Fixed an issue with the quest "Da Voodoo: Ram Horns" where it would only show an exact coordinate on map instead of a rather large place where the npcs could be located.
Fixed an issue with the quest "Da Voodoo: Resonite Crystal" where it would only show an exact coordinate on map instead of a rather large place where the npcs could be located.
Fixed loot percentage for Quest: Stonetalon Ram Horns.

Fixed an issue with the quest "Reinforcements..." where it would only show an exact coordinate on map instead of a rather large place where the npcs could be located.
Temp Fix Quest: "Reinforcements...", the effect is now working, however the part where the npcs follow you lacks scripting (atm it's despawning), but now quest is complete-able.
Fixed Quest: "Jin'Zil's Blessing", 80% working, need to fix the remaining 20% at a later time.

Fixed an issue with the quest "The Turd Problem" where it would only show an exact coordinate on map instead of a rather large place where the npcs could be located.
Temp fixed quest: Spy Infestation. The npcs (Alliance Spies) are now spawned, and corrected in terms of health, damage etc. The quest is not fully blizzlike (ToDo), but temp-fixed so it's do-able. Stealth effect is applied like retail, but it's using a different glow effect.

Urgent temp fix for Beginning of the End. Clicking on the rope will complete the quest and teleport you. The quest is added on ToDo for scripting, but need more data for it to be able to complete (sniff)
Urgent temp fix for Final Delivery (Like Beginning of the End). Clicking on the rope will complete the quest and teleport you. The quest is added on ToDo for scripting, but need more data for it to be able to complete (sniff)

Fixed Quest: "To Battlescar! The vehicle is now use-able and working as intended.
@ToDo, Script Quest: "Is This Justice?", atm it's auto-complete.
Fixed Quest Completion text of: "Nothing Left For you Here"

Alliance Side: Ashenvale Start/Stonetalon Mountains:
They Took Our Gnomes, Needs sniff and scripting. For now I'll make it auto-complete or a hack-fix that's not fully blizzlike.
Fixed Quest: The Goblin Braintrust, Chief Bombgineer Sploder now has the proper faction so you can attack him.
Fixed Quest: "Do Yourself a Favor". Now Kalen Trueshot is spawned so the quest is complete-able.
Fixed Quest: "The Only Way Down is in a Body Bag". It now works correctly.

Fixed Quest: "Field Test: Gnomecorder" in Stonetalon Mountains. It's no longer auto-complete either.
Fixed Quest: "Burn, Baby, Burn!" in Stonetalon Mountains.
Fixed Quest: "Don't Look Them in the Eyes" in Stonetalon Mountains.
Fixed an issue where quest: Don't Look Them in the Eyes had strange/unknown symbols at the quest return text.
Hackfixed the quest: "Commandeer That Balloon!", now it's complete-able with hack, works around 35% blizzlike.

- Still more to do on the Alliance side of Stonetalon Mountains especially for it to be complete-able. (Atm stuck at mid of quest line due to bugged quest)

- Fixed an issue with items containing bonuses (item_enchantment_template)
- Fixed Quest: Taking Part
- Fixed Quest: Calming the Kodo
- Fixed Quest: Get Me Out of Here!

- Fixed Quest: Blood Theory
- Fixed Quest: Navarax's Gambit
- Fixed Quest: Yetiphobia
- Part fixed Quest: Humble in the Lumber

- Fixed Quest: Mr. D's Wild Ride.
- Silithus - Complete Questrelated Stuff
- The almighty Scoripion shouldn't have a weapon!

- Added missing questgivers in Zul'Farrak.
- Corrected multiple creature spawns in Zul'Farrak.
- Fixed some hostile mobs in Zul'Farrak which the player was unable to attack.

- Some quest items in Mulgore dropped even though the player did not have the quest. Fixed.
- Fixed some problematic quests, marked as "low level" when they shouldn't be.
- Wolf spirit of transfer quest is now working as mobs won't attack it anymore.

- Fixed Battle Guild Standard
- Fixed an issue with Mind Control where the controlled NPC would stay at same location where you left him, which means that you could abuse this issue and move the npcs far away and basically make them stuck. Now the npcs, after Mind Control, return to HomePosition.

- Fixed a guild perk, level 14: "Working Overtime"
- Fixed an issue where npc's would respawn at end of their paths, instead of at home position.
- Fixed Guild Perk: "The Quick and the Dead", now both the health resurrect part, as well as the movement part works

- Fixed some issues with quest: "Birds of a Feather", thanks to Rushor.
- Fixed some visual issues for quest: "Deciphering the Book".
- Fixed some visual issues with quest: "Know Thine Enemy"

- Upon quest accept: "World of Shadows", there is now a little event. Thanks to Rushor.
- Upon quest accept: "Galaen's Fate", there will now be a little event. Thanks to Rushor.
- Fixed an exploit with quest: "Take No Chance"

- The quests in Wintergrasp will now give proper quest credits.
- Implemented the ballevent for the Shade in Winterspring. Thanks to Rushor.
- "Honest" Max now has the proper conditions, options and more.

- Abdul the Insane is now spawned, and has a path & texts attached to it.
- Fixed "Swamp Eye" Jarl - Creepy Event. Thanks to TC Team.
- Kayneth Stillwind now has a text. Thanks to Rushor.

- Technician Dyvuun now walks around a bit, and does some emotes. Thanks to Rushor.
- Razia now does some emotes, while walking around. Thanks to Rushor.
- Brother Daniels now does some kneel emotes, and texts. Thanks to Rushor.

- Taleris Dawngazer now has a path, and does some emotes. Thanks to Rushor.
- Durkot Wolfbrother now has a pathway and emote-events. Thanks to Rushor.
- Consortium Overseer now walks around and says a text. Thanks to Rushor.

- Nekthar now reads the banner in front of him (doing a textemote), walking towards the fire, sitting down on the wood and starts walking again every few minutes. Thanks to Rushor.
- Netherologist Coppernickels now walks around and stays for fourty-five seconds at specific places. Thanks to Rushor.
- Dekin in the Exodar now has some fishing state emotes, and kneel emotes on this waypoint path. Thanks to Rushor.

- Padaar in the Exodar now has some emotes. Thanks to Rushor.
- Draenei Artificer will now start a speech towards the trainer. Thanks to Rushor.
- Messenger Hermesius now says some text. Thanks to Rushor.

- Nurse Judith now walks around and kneels from time to time. Thanks to Rushor.
- Consortium Nether Runner now has a conversation with Gezhe + a spawn effect. Big thanks to Rushor.

- Every few minutes there should be a conversation with a Engineering Crewmember. The Experimental Pilot wanna lift off, but the Engineering Crewmember need to inform him that the ship is not ready yet. Therefore they talk about the altnerative for the Experimental Pilot to raise up kids and Familiy instead in Netherstorm. The Experimental Pilot denies this proposal. Big thanks to Rushor.

- Now Levixus will read from the "Book of Dead", and announces the people that left blizzard. Big thanks to Rushor.
- Fixed a text event, which will get displayed when you kill Morkh. Big thanks to Rushor.
- Painmistress Gabrissa now walks around and cast a specific spell. Big thanks to Rushor.
- Added a tiny conversation between Chancellor Bloodleaf and Corok the Mighty. Big thanks to Rushor.
- Mordenai now walks around, and attacks a Rocknail Ripper from time to time. Big thanks to Rushor.

- Fixed an issue where Infected Worgen Bite spell didn't transform you to a worgen upon 3 stacks.
- Fixed some issues with range for a couple of random spells
- Fixed an issue where Tree of Life's 15% Healing Bonus didn't affect all heals.

- Fixed an issue where Dark Transformation (DK) could be triggered even before the arena started.
- Death Grip now has a minimum distance of 8 yards in PvP (4.0.6)
- Fixed an issue where "Honk Horn" and "Radio", were missing from Hot Rod Car. Also fixed the correct sound upon using spell, Radio. Big thanks to Frank, Arkania.

- Improved Resting, and fixed resting state in Elwyn Forrest (Goldshire resting area!)
- The Sparklematic 5200 now has a event upon quest completion. Thanks to Rushor.
- Did some improvements on the core, general implementations and more.
- Fixed some database errors and conflicts.
- Big thanks to Dalaranwow dev, Rushor for this idea:

- Implemented a walkmode field in database to clarify whether the creature should walk or run while having RandomMovement enabled. Again, credits to Rushor.
- Fixed the random Cataclysm epic gem, on item: Tome of Burning Jewels"
- Fixed health of Blackheart Hellcaller

- Fixed an issue where Recruiter Burns had a wrong location.
- Fixed wrong morph of Skymane Bonobo
- Fixed wrong spawn of: "Dustbelcher Initiate"

- Fixed weapon equipment of Kurzen Shadow Hunter
- Fixed loot percentages of quest item: "Zanzil's Mixture"
- Fixed a duplication issue with "The Lone Hunter"

- Our new Anti Cheat System has now been implemented to the core. We have done various of testing, and we are happy to announce that it now detects speed and fly hacking, after specific yards and checks. It comes with an auto-kick and ban feature.

- Fixed an issue where Heroic Strike was scaled wrongly.
- Fixed loot of Stranglethorn Tiger
- Fixed loot of Young Panther
- Fixed loot of Kurzen Subchief

- Fixed loot of Kurzen Witch Doctor
- Fixed loot of Kurzen Headshrinker
- Fixed loot of Kurzen Jungle Fighters

- Fixed loot of Sining Crystal Shards
- Fixed loot of Crystal Spine
- Fixed loot of Skeletal Warrior
- Fixed loot of Kurzen Medicine

- Fixed loot of Splinter Fist Ogre
- Fixed loot of Redridge Mongrel
- Fixed loot Riverpaw Taskmaster
- Fixed loot of Coyote Packleader

- Fixed Quest: "Soothing Spirits", the quest is now do-able and functionable.
- Fixed quest: "The Truth of the Grave", regarding a missing quest objective.
- Fixed option of creature, Farmer Saldean, now he's useable menu wise also.
- Fixed reported issue with quest Livin' the life, regarding Glubtok having too low health, as well as a spelling mistake.

- Fixed Quest: "Furlbrow's Dead", from bugtracker report
- Fixed quest: "Prisoners of War", based on bugtracker report
- All Stamina, Intellect, Strength, Spirit, Protection and Agility scrolls no longer stack with each other.

- Fixed quest: "Mistmantle's Revenge"
- Fixed issues with: "By the Skin of his Teeth"
- Fixed issue with quest: "It's alive"
- Fixed quest: "Secrets of the Tower"
- Corrected spawn regarding quest The Rotting Ochard

- Fixed spawn of Gorlash
- Fixed loot of Murloc Tidehunter
- Fixed duplication issue of Malfurion Stormrage
- Fixed duplication issue of Freewheelin' Juntz Fitztittle

- Tom Hegger will now say the correct class upon his say.
- Fixed an issue where Burning Blood dropped without the quest
- Corrected Gold Dust drop chance
- According to patch 4.2 controlling spells should not cause aggro to mobs.
- Now Warstomp (Tauren) can no longer be resisted.

- Mindbender Ghur'sha - fixed "magma Splash" - "Earth Shards" & "Emberstrike"
- Corrected health of NPC: "Dungar Longdrink"
- Fixed loot of "The Fate of Kurzen", so that the quest attached to it is complete-able.
- Corrected drop chance of quest item: "Webwood Spider Silk"

- Fixed an issue where item: "Snapjaw Crocolisk Skin" dropped while not having the quest.
- Fixed some issues with creature, Corporal Kaleb where he had wrong equipment items.
- Fixed an issue where npc, River Crocolisk were missing
- Fixed an issue where some critters had a wrong spell attached, causing a wrong displayid.

- Fixed an issue where there were multiple of Sin' Dall creature.
- Corrected the HP of creature: "Captain Lancy Revshon"
- Fixed an issue where Quest: "Rest and Relaxation" wasn't available.

- Fixed an issue where Plainstrider Beak quest item dropped, even though you didn't have the quest.
- Fixed a duplication with npc, Night Watch Guard. Thanks to Silver.
- Fixed an issue where "Complete Quest", didn't have any effect.
- (Warrior) - Battle Stance should always be casted upon first login.

- Fixed sleeping part of Lazy Peon quest.
- Fixed quest: Powering our Defenses. Now you can complete the quest!
- Fixed gossip menu of quest: "What We Don't Know", now it shows the proper menus instead of [PH]
- Fixed visibility part of Quest: "From the Shadow"

- Fixed an issue with the quest pop up system where it would pop up, even though you already have the quest.
- Fixed Shadow Orbs. It now consumes the aura from Mindblast & Mindspike
- Fixed issue where npc's hovering effects did not show.
- Quest [Supplies for the Crossroads] Fixed.
- Quest [The Far Watch Offensive] Fixed.

- Many Improvements to Throne of the Tides
- Razorfen Kraul Dungeon, Quests, Creatures, etc - Should be 95% Fixed.
- Ragefire Chasm - Dungeon cleaned up and scripted. All quests/items fixed as well.

Thanks to everyone who has supported and followed by our project.
We really appreciate it, and I'm looking forward to release version 7 (2) already!

Best Regards,
ExO & LKArthas.
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