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Postby MadMax765 » February 10th, 2018, 9:25 am

Playerbots are currently running on version 8.1 of the Emucoach repack, cataclysm (VIP)

The free version does not contain Playerbots so if you want playerbots/single player playing with dungeons, bgs etc, you'll have to donate.
By donating there are many advantages. A lot of unique releases, more fixes to the repack, faster releases, extra forum privileges + donation rank on the forums.

Anyways! Enough, lets get to the actual content;
How to setup and use the playerbots/npcbots on the Emucoach repack.

In the VIP worldserver.conf we have this configured:
Bot.EnableNpcBots = 1

Along with many other settings that you can configure if you want to make changes, etc.

So, how do you use the playerbots?
It's rather simple. It's already included in the newest VIP repack, and ready to get used.

Below you'll see a list of commands and description along the way on how to use the Playerbots.

* .npcbot (.npcb) - get list of possible subcommands. They are:
** add <botclass> - creates random bot of given class to selected player. Use on self
** remove (rem) - removes selected npcbot. NOTE: If you select self it will remove ALL npcbots
** command (c) ...
*** follow (fol, f) - puts all your bots to follow you (out of combat)
*** stay (st, s) - makes all your bots hold position (out of combat)
** reset (res) - recreates selected npcbot (or all of them if selected self)
** distance (dist, d) - sets bot follow distance. If used by party leader in instance will affect whole group. This parameter defines attack range and distance bots keep while following.
*** Formulas:
*** Attack distance = 0.72 * follow distance (which you set with this command);
*** Distance bots keep while following (visual) = follow distance + (follow distance - 10) * 4; (min: 0, max: 35)
** info (in) - shows npcbots info (amount owned, classes, alive amount etc.). If used on yourself it will show each bot party member's info (including you)
* Debug Text Emote commands:
** /bonk - lists selected npcbot's stats
** /salute - lists your stats
** There is .maintank (.main) command that sets npcbot maintank in your party (minimum of 3 members). Bot maintank gets additional avoidance, damage reduction and health
** To add/remove npcbot you can use gossip-like menu (.npcbot helper). You can also create macros.

Thanks to Jcarter4562 for the base, and the command list.

Also, when you add a bot (.npcb add warrior) remember to target yourself.
And the command .npcbot helper is very helpful to spawn the bots as well.

That's... it folks! Pretty simple right? If you have questions, feel free to post below or in the VIP section.
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