Fake Player System (DYNAMIC!) - How to SETUP

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Fake Player System (DYNAMIC!) - How to SETUP

Postby MadMax765 » February 10th, 2018, 9:27 am

The Dynamic Fake Player system is currently running on version 8.1 of the Emucoach repack, cataclysm (VIP) - if you enable it.

The free version does not contain the Fake Player System so if you want that, you'll have to donate.
By donating there are many advantages. A lot of unique releases, more fixes to the repack, faster releases, extra forum privileges + donation rank on the forums.

Anyways! Enough, lets get to the actual content;
How to setup and use the Fake Player System on the Emucoach repack.

See the bots in action here:

Probably the most advanced and functional fake player system that is ever showed. Only some of the top private servers are (guessed) to use such a system. No opensource. No information provided about it. Before now, on Emucoach.

The way it works!
It's using an account and characters from the listed account, and the system basically logs on these characters. So you should gear them upfront if you want that, and place them where you'd like the bots to login from.

So, lets get to the set-up.

On the VIP worldserver.conf you will see the following code:

# Bot.AccGuid
# Description: AccGuid for the bot system
# Default: 1 - (Enabled)
# 0 - (Disabled)

Bots.AccGuid = 0

# Bots.MaxCount
# Description: Max amount of bots.
# Default: 10

Bots.MaxCount = 0

This has to be configured.
At the Bots.AccGuid = 0 , you should declare it to the account that you want the system to login from. It's adviced to use an account that is not being used by anyone else.

So eg, it could be account id 1, so it looks like this:
Bots.AccGuid = 1

Now you need to log into that account, create the amount of characters you would like to use, and gear them/move their location, if you want that.

Bots.MaxCount = 0

This defines the amount you want to login with. From 0-10.
They will login each from a random interval between 30 seconds to 2 minutes.

If you want more bots online (You can do that, don't worry!) you will however have to add the characters manually in the database. (Not that hard, and only takes a few minutes).
If you don't know how to do that, I will be updating this tutorial with this information (with screenshots and such), when I find time for it.

As you can see on the linked video, the bot has many features:

- It can accept group invites.
- It can move around.
- It can act as a real player.
- It can accept/decline guild invite.
- It can accept/react on duel.
- It can whisper you back.
- It can answer your invites with a text saying eg: "No thanks, I am not interested".
- It has a random text to choose from so the chance bot X and bot Y says the same is very very rare.
- It looks like real players. They are ingame, not just on WHO list like the public ones.

In my opinion, it's pretty safe to use without appearing as fake players.
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