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VIP 13

Postby MadMax765 » May 18th, 2020, 10:30 pm

Hello everyone!

Let's serve you with a new version of the Emucoach Cataclysm Repack. In particular, version 13 (VIP).

It's crazy (in a good way), to know that we have hit 13 version releases! That's a lot, if you think about it. 13 major releases.
This version is not any less. It comes with several important updates and is another step in the right direction, towards a high quality Cataclysm repack with an enjoyable experience.

Version 13 Cataclysm Repack information
There are many updates in version 13. Some of the fixes are small details, while other fixes are crucial. Among the many updates, we have listed a few.

- NPCBots mana regeneration rework
The previous hacked mana fix with potion is now removed, and the "blizzlike" system of regeneration has been applied to the bots!
This will be a more clean and better performance for the npcbots, in terms of mana and health re-generation. We hope you will enjoy - those of you, who play with the npcbots.

- Throne of the Four Winds
Previously, there was a crucial bug where the platforms would disappear, making the raid impossible. This is now corrected & fixed, after sweat and tears!

- End Time
We have manually gone through End Time, and corrected many issues. We are now confident that it's a much better experience completing the End-Time instance now.
We have also corrected damage, level, factions and similar, on over 70 different creatures inside the dungeon.

- Hour of Twilight
Same case as with End-Time. We are now confident that it's a much better experience completing it now.
We have also corrected damage, level, factions and similar, on over 120 different creatures inside the dungeon.

- Well of Eternity
Same case as with Hour of Twilight. We are confident that it's a much better experience now.
We have also corrected damage, level, factions and similar, on over 150 different creatures inside the dungeon.

- Valor & Justice points
Previously, the Valor & Justice-points were not properly rewarded, after deating Cataclysm bosses in raids & dungeons.
Thanks to Damien, that is now corrected and fixed. Big thanks to him!

-- The list could go on...
We believe a lot of important updates were made, especially for the end-game content (dungeons and such), but the rest can be read in the Changelog list below the download links.

- Tons of DB updates!
Find them in the post in this thread, posted below the download links.

Get started! Download here:

_Server folder (Databases):

Release folder (binaries):

Data files (maps, vmaps etc):

You must reply to this thread to see hidden links or content.

We are open to any suggestions or feedback that you guys may have. If you just want to have a general chat about Emucoach as well, we are always open for that as well! And feel free to ask any questions you may have as well!


Version 13 includes an unique feature that we have had implemented on version 13 of the repack. In short, it includes a license system.
This makes us capable of serving the VIP versions to only the VIP users, and have the ability to control it. This is done to protect the safety of the Emucoach VIP users - to make sure you get what you pay for, and to avoid it from being spread across the big web.

You might be curious about this new system! I understand, we are excited as well.
Shortly explained, you will only need internet access the first time, upon verifying the license, and then you can play solo / without net access!

You will be granted with a license. The license can only be used one time. In special cases where you have multiple devices, you can send me a PM, and we will sort it out.
You can get authorized to a license, by posting in this thread.


Dragonsoul: Delete non-working "travel to the deck of the skyfire" npc, and handle it blizzlike with the dragon (which works now on V13.)
Dragonsoul: Improvements to Hagara
Dragonsoul: Fixed Nethestrasz dragon flying.
Dragonsoul: Twilight Siege Breaker - corrected the health.
Dragonsoul: Fixed an issue with Ultraxion, where he didn't move to the platform, and wasn't selectable.

- Added missing aura (Moonlit & In Shadow) to npc Time-Twisted Nightsaber. It was missing before.
- Corrected damage of Time-Twisted Nightsaber
- Corrected damage of Time-Twisted Sentinel
- Added missing aura to npc Time-Twisted Sentinel. It was missing before.
- Corrected damage of Time-Twisted Huntress.
- Added missing to npc Time-Twisted Huntress, it was missing before. Also added the mount attached to the npc.
- Fixed kill credit of quest "Archival Purposes" from Echo of Tyrande.
- Fixed kill credit of quest "Archival Purposes" from Echo of Baine.
- Fixed kill credit of quest "Archival Purposes" from Echo of Sylvanas.
- Fixed kill credit of quest "Archival Purposes" from Echo of Jaina.
- Fixed wrong type-flag on npc, Time-Twisted Sorceress, and added missing core-script.
- Fixed wrong type-flag on npc, Time-Twisted Footman, and added missing core-script.
- Fixed wrong type-flag on npc, Time-Twisted Priest, and added missing core-script.
- Fixed wrong type-flag on npc, Time-Twisted Rifleman, and added missing core-script.
- Fixed a missing npc aura to a bunny npc, related to the fight of Echo of Jaina.
- Fixed wrong type-flag on npc, Infinite Suppressor, and added missing core-script.
- Fixed wrong type-flag on npc, Infinite Warden, and added missing core-script.
- Corrected creature byte id, to boss: "Murozond".
- Improved Murozond flight event in the start.
- Fixed wrong type-flag on npc, Time-Twisted Drake, and added missing core-script.
- Fixed wrong faction on creature Baine's Totem, at Echo of Baine boss-fight.
-- End Time: Corrected health, damage, level, faction on 70 npcs'.

-- Hour of Twilight: Corrected health, damage, level, faction on 120 npcs'.
- Fixed an issue where Life Warden dragons couldn't be clicked on, resulting in not being able to proceed to the last boss.

-- Well of Eternity: Corrected health, damage, level, faction on 150 npcs'.
Well of Eternity:
- Fixed the Thrall gossip. It now displays properly, so that you can now start the event.
- Fixed the Thrall gossip for the second event.
- Fixed the Thrall gossip for the third event.

-- Zul'Gurub V13 (All credits for this goes to Damien, huge thanks to him for this!):
- Fixed Jindo damage
- Fixed Trash mob damage beeing way too high
- Fixed Zanzils zombies and other trash
- Fixed Gurubashi Spirit's dealing only 1 dmg (Thanks to Damien)
- Fixed Shadow of Hakkar beeing friendly BEFORE the fight (Thanks to Damien)
- Fixed cache of madness event trigger (Thanks to Damien)
- Fixed Venomous Effusion
- Fixed Bloodlord Mandokir
- Fixed Venoxis Venom Effusion Stalker
- Fixed Venoxis Venom Effusion Pathing
- Fixed all Zul'Gurub spawns

-- Zul'Aman improvements for V13 (Big thanks to Damien):
- Fixed Jan'Alai spawn
- Fixed Dragonhawk Egg Spawn for Jan'Alai
- Fixed Daakara
- Fixed Daakara Trash spawn + entrance trash spawn

-- Vortex Pinnacle Trash Mob fixes (thanks to Damien)
-- Corrected some entries in the Vortex Pinnacle (thanks to Damien)
-- Fixed Deadmines heroic spawns + correct equipment_id. (thanks to Damien)
-- Fixed Halls of Origination levels, faction, damage, equipment and some SAI related things in there. (thanks to Damien)
-- Corrected an equipment ID and an entry in Blackrock Caverns (thanks to Damien)
-- Corrected a damage issue on a npc in The Stonecore. (thanks to Damien)

- Fixed Harbringer of darkness heroic (levels, damage & health). Big thanks to Damien.
-- With this fix, high prophet barim will stop getting stuck in the Repenteance event and works as intended. (Credits to Damien).
- Fixed - Warlock - Curse of Guldan will no longer spread out to all targets (no matter if they were friendly or not) (Big thanks to Damien!)
- Fix Twilight Highlands "Demon Chain" Quest (Thanks to Damien)
- Fix Portal to Vashjir porting horde players to alliance position (Thanks to Damien)
- Paladin: Fixed "Divine Storm" no longer generating Holy Power randomly, you have to atleast hit 4 targets (Thanks to Damien).

- "Swoop" wouldn't immobilize the target and where "Last Stand" wouldnt increase the pets current health.
-- FIXED. Thanks to Damien!

- Legendary Quest Staff conditions (Firelands molten giant trigger still missing) (big thanks to Damien!)
- Fixed Crouching Tiger, Hidden Chimera (big thanks to Damien!)
- Fixed a tol barad npc looping 24/7 in his current script (big thanks to Damien!)
- Fixed hunter spell: Freenzy

- Fixed Echo of Light ticking wrong healing amount
- Fixed Piercing Shots ticking wrong damage amount
- Improvements to the pet behavior. Pets will now run towards the victim until they reached the right range, and hereby cast the spell the owner ordered the pet to cast, instead of report: "Too far away" error.
- Hunter pet: If you set hunter pet spells on autocast, they should not cast it 24/7, only if you enter combat.
- Fixed an issue where Demonic Part would bug your attack command for pets (Warlock). Big thanks to Damien for the fix!
- Fixed a LoS issue:
V12 LoS eating spells
- Fixed a pet visual issue.
Fixes Weird pet visual bug
- Fixed an item swapping crash.

- Death Knight - Death Grip 49576 - If you Death Grip a target which is immune (Deterrence as example), and as soon as deterrence ends, Death Grip isnt on cooldown and you can cast it on players over and over.
- T12 2 Part Resto Druid - 99013 Aura - should have 40% change to restore 1% base mana on lifebloom tick, instead if restores 100% mana all the time
- T12 2 Part Holy Paladin - 99067 Aura - Should have 40% chance to restore 6% of base mana - restores 100% aswell
FIXED but changed damage to the lower instead of higher - T12 2 Part Ret Paladin - 99092 Spell - Should deal 15% of the Crusader Strike damagen done over 4 seconds, it deals less

- T12 2 Part Mage 99061 Aura - Should Summon a Mage that helps you in combat and casts a spell depending on your current spec
- T12 2 Part Rogue 99173 Aura - Burning Wounds has the same bug as Piercing shots and echo of lights, ticking up to millions of damage
- Paladin - Ancient Fury now dividing the damage amongst all targets (currently all targets get hit for the same amount, like 30k+ depending on AP)
FIXED. Big thanks to Damien!

- High Priestess Azil - Removing the correct shield on heroic difficulty instead of looping 24/7 (makes her unkillable)
FIXED. Big thanks to Damien!
- Throne of the Tides - Shock Blast by Lady Naz'jar is not interruptible (which it should be)
- Halls of Origination:
- Elevator is missing a script, can only clear the first bosses

- Rogue, Vanish doesn't remove combat in PvE cases.

- Random Stats from crafting professions
-- There are a few items in the game you can craft which should get random stats upon crafting, doesn't work, you always get 2 basic stats = agility and stamina
- Loot system
-- If you are in a group with atleast 1 people (so atleast 1 more than you) and an item drops, which is Bind on Equipped and you "Greed" on it, it will always get soulbound - correct way would be to only be soulbound on need
- Alchemy
-- Elixir Master, Potion Master and Transmutation Master doesn't work, I made tons of it and it never procced (you are also able to learn all 3 ingame, which is wrong)

-- Into the Realm of Shadows doesnt give you the mount as a death knight ID 12687.
-- Quest ;Through the dream - didn't complete in the end; ID 25325
-- 2 Glutton spawns

--- Deadmines On heroic (85)
- Glubtok spawns at level 16
- Helix Gearbreaker sits on a Oak Lackey at level 15
- Some trash mobs spawns at level 15
- Foe Reaper 5000 spawns at level 16
FIXED. Big thanks to Damien!

-- Zul'Gurub
- Every mob is missing (LFG 85 HC)
- The raid is locked via the portal. (can be entered with gm on)
- Every mob in there is missing.
FIXED. Big thanks to Damien!

-- Zul Aman
- Gong Gong at the beginning is missing if the dungeon are entered though the portal (No LFG)
- Jan Alai is missing, And players can therefore not get to Halazzi.
- Hex Lord Malacrass is only visible with gm on.
- Daakara missing.
FIXED. Big thanks to Damien!

-- End Time :
-- Azura Dragonshrine - Players can not collect more than 15/16 fragments. and therefore the battle cannot begin.
-- Transit device is not porting players to the right bosses
- Fixed an issue where ghouls in the instance would always be friendly. Big thanks to Damien!

-- Dire Maul
- Gordok Spirit can not be killed, even tho his health is 1
- Adjusted Lady Naz'jar loot
-- The gordok spirit cannot die The Gordok spirit has 1/1 hp but cannot die for some reason.
-- The temple of atal'hakkar :
- npc id 27604
- Jammal'an the prophet keeps yelling shield be down! rise up atal'ai! rise up! over and over and never stops.

-- Molten Core
- Players cannot get into Molten core.
- One boss is missing in Molten Core (Majordomo)
FIXED now + added the trash mobs together with it.

-- Tol Barad:
- Only GMs can open the doodad talbarad gates 1 at Tol Barad (Bridge)
- The "Doodad tool barad door 1" at Bardon hold can be closed, and if you do so,
- It cannot be opned again, therefor players can not enter the raid.

-- The Ruthless Gladiator sets are missing from NPC : Knight-Lieutenant T'Maire Sydes & Blood Guard Zar'shi

- Improvements to instance entrance requirements (access_requirements)
- Corrected 12 achievements.
- Cleaned two un-necessary database-tables in world.
- Fixed 4 area triggers.
- Fixed two missing area-triggers on boss: Scourgelord Tyrannus
- Improvements to baseXP.
- Cleanedup in report_quest table.
- Improvements to research_sites

- Admiral Ripsnarl : Seems to be over-tuned, one shot bots including player.
-- Strands of the Ancients
Demolishers in that same bg have like only 42k hp, making it killable so fast.
-- ICC Battleship improvements.

-- Pretty much every vanilla raids are locked.
Might be fixed in V13. Test it when we get to it, and let me know please

- Regeneration system for the NPCBots!
FIXED (Complete rework). The previous hacked mana fix with potion is now removed, and the "blizzlike" system of regeneration has been applied to the bots!
This will be a more clean and better performance for the npcbots, in terms of mana and health re-generation.
NPCBots: Priest keep buffing
-- Players are not getting Valor/Justice Points after defeating bosses in raids and dungeons.
FIXED, big thanks to Damien!

-- Darkweb Victim, NPC
- Location: Drak'Tharon Keep inside the Draknid Lair
- What it does: It attacks you and chases you, stays at 0% hp and doesn't die
-- Blackwing Lair
- The last boss can't be target by players - Nefarian - NPC - World of Warcraft
Should be fixed on V13.

-- Black Temple
- Illidan boss fight cant be activated by talking to Akama.

-- Novos The Summoner, NPC (Boss encounter)
- Location: Drak'Tharon Keep
- What it does: The add wave in phase 1 spawn way too fast and way too many. (Never ends)
- What it should do: There is usually an interval of 10-15 seconds between add waves in phase 1.
Should be improved on V13 so that it actually ends now. They still spawn fast, as based on some sniff data, but it actually ends now.

-- The orb of command used to enter Blackwing lair is not working.
Fixed one gossip issue related to it. Try on V13.

- Fixed an issue where gossip npcs wouldn't stop, when the player talked to them.
Fixes NPC problem

- Fix an issue where invisible creatures in Deadmines would hit the player since it was invisible but didn't have the passive state. Fixes Deadmines - Compilation (v10.1)
- Fixed the dragon flying part in Grim Batol. You can now jump on the dragons and they will fly when you do so (after you kill their net).
- Disabled the Anti Cheat in the worldserver.conf by default.

- Fixed Doris Chiltonius and Sergeant Thunderhorn selling wrong items.
- Fixes: Doris Chiltonius
- Fixed minor bugg

-- Dolgan and Damien have again contributed with a great amount of fixes for V13. It really helps a lot, and it's great to have community-fixes done too. Make sure to give Dolgan & Damien a huge thank you, and credits!
Definitely deserved. Dolgan fixes - Database Fixes for Version 12 VIP
(The updates from the topic are applied on the V13 database. Here are the list of his fixes too, on V13:

Mana Tombs:
Artificer Morphalius (ID: 54692) spawned.

The Shattered Halls:
Advance Scout Chadwick (ID: 54933) now correct quest ender.

Forge of Souls:
Lady Jaina Proudmore (ID: 37597) set to neutral faction.
Lady Sylvannus Windrunner (ID: 37596) set neutral faction.
Critter: Black Rat (GUID: 161601) no longer mounted on a warg.
Critte: Spider (GUID: 161600) no longer mounted on a warg.
Trigger Dummy (GUID: 161601) no longer mounted on a warg.

Pit of Saron:
Lady Jaina Proudmore (ID: 369933) spawned.
Gameobject Ball and Chain (GUIDL 201969) will now count for quest. - NOTE: not exactly blizz like, but atleast the quest works
Scourgelord Tyrannas (ID: 36658 and 36938) is now attackable.

Halls of Reflection:
Extra spawns of Sylvannus Windrunner, Uther Lightbringer and The Lich King removed.
Marwyn now says his "As you wish my lord" line.
Frostsworn General is now attackable.

Utgarde Pinnacle:
Svala Sorrowgrave now attackable.

Halls of Stone:
Spelling error fixed in Brann Bronzebeard's (ID: 28070) talk.

Quest Fixes:
Necklace Repair (ID 13148) now rewards correct currency.
Scourge Tactics (ID 13008) Webbed Crusaders now attackable and spawned.
A New You (ID: 32128) player now must talk to the npc's to get the quest items, not "buy" them. Stack of Macaroons now used correctly.
A Rough Start Gender Pronouns added to all versions of OfferRewardText, RequiredItemsText fixed.
Into the Nexus (ID: 29820) is not meant to be able to be gotten.

NPC Fixes Say/Gossip fixes:
Sassy Hardwrench (ID: 34668):
- Fixed grammer in say after quest accept.
- Fixed grammer and gender pronouns in say after 2 quest accepts.
- Now displays correct gossip text to new players.

Foreman Dampwick (ID: 34872):
- Gossip text now says the correct thing before quest "Good Help is Hard to Find" (ID: 14069).
- Made say more Blizz like after quest accept.

Megs Dreadshredder (ID: 34874):
- Added a space in say after quest accept.
- Added gender pronouns in say after quest accept.

Coach Crosscheck (ID:37106):
- Now displays correct gossip text.

Trade Prince Gallywix (ID: 352220):
- Fixed random yells as he walks around, and all comments for the yells.

Chip Endale (ID: 35054):
- Now displays correct gossip texts depending on player's gender in Kezan.
- Fixed say after quest accept.

Candy Cane (ID: 35053):
- Now displays correct gossip texts depending on player's gender in Kezan.

Jesthenis Sunstriker (ID: 15280):
- Spells removed from trainer that he shouldn't teach.

Queen Azshara: (ID: 54853)
- Loot Added

Mannoroth: (ID: 54969)
- Loot Added

Ultraxion: (ID: 5294)
- Removed loot from Ultraxion (All loot for this version comes from Lesser Cache of the Aspects (ID: 210161)

Captain Varothen (ID: 55419)
- Loot Added

Interloper (ID: 8537)
- Loot Added and Lootid

Death Knight Soulbearer (ID: 10818)
- Loot Added and Lootid

Duke Ragereaver: (ID: 10820)
- Loot and LootID Added

Other NPC Fixes:
Duplicate spawns removed: 2.
Unneeded/incorrect Aura's removed: 2.
Rhea (ID: 46654) spawned.
2 x Silvermoon Dragonhawks (ID: 27946) spawned.
Innkeeper Teenycaugh (ID: 48599) can now set Hearthstones.
Innkeeper Wylaria (ID: 48215) can now set Hearthstones.
Ben Mora Innkeeper (ID: 49599) can now set Hearthstones.
MovementType removed from a Spawn that should not move.
13 creature loot templates updated to give correct drop rate.
- Removed Un-needed flags from KTC Waitress (ID: 48721)
Gameobject Fixes:
7 non existant game object remove from respawn pool.
Items in Tomb of the Watchers in the Badlands now are correct quest finishers (x3).
Signal Fire (ID: 194151) now the correct game object.

Item Fixes:
Item flavour text for items 72118 and 72127 fixed.

- Replaced non-existant spell with spell Mob should have.
- Removed non existant creature from transports
- Fixed spawned creature type for Waypoints Visible GM script
- Set Max Distance for a script

- Quest: The Shadow Grave (28608)
- Darnell Quotes: (49141)
- Darnell should be running not walking

- Quest: Fresh out of the Grave (24959)
- Agatha (49044) should not try to talk on quest accept

- Quest: The Wakening (24960)
- Set correct gossip options for Valdred Moray (49231)
- Set correct say on gossip finish for Valdred Moray (49231)
- Increase delay between say and yell
- Set correct say on gossip finish for Marshal Redpath

- Quest: Glyphic Scroll ()
- Set correct page text

- Quest: Lazy Peons (25134)
- Fixed two of the possible things the Peons say when hit with quest item

- Quest: Our Tribe, Imprisoned (24852)
- Stop freed Tauren from trying to equip something when it shouldn't

- Quest: A Rough Start (All Versions)
- Correct Request Items text on all versions

- Quest: Signs of Things to Come (28728)
- No longer Auto-Accept

- Quest: Vile Touch (28727)
- Remove error on Tarindrella Spawn

- Quest The Fight Continues (26208)
- Removed unneeded script link
- NPC: Irradiator 3000 Image (42452) - Added creature text.
- Gave mounts to Image of High Tinker Mekkatorque <King of Gnomes>, Image of "Doc" Cogspin and Image of Hinkles Fastblast

- NPC: Isabella (2124)
- Remove spell that doesn't teach

- NPC: Marshal Redpath (49424)
- Now has correct aggro text and fixed database comment

- NPC: Novice Darkspear Rogue (38272)
- No longer shows as skull level

- NPC: Julia Sunstriker (15279)
- Removed spells that it shouldn't teach

- NPC: Ayanna Everstride (3596)
- Removed spells that it shouldn't teach

- NPC: Baleroc (38272)
- Set equipment

- NPC: Khardan Proudblade (3588)
- Remove duplicate Spawn
- Set equipment

- NPC: Alamar Grimm (460)
- Removed spells that is shouldn't teach

- NPC: Proenitus (16477)
- Correct gossip text now displaysand changes on quest finish

- NPC: Valaatu (16500)
- Removed spells that it shouldn't teach

- NPC: Huntsman Blake (35874)
- Removed Spell that it shouldn't teach

- Random Mobs:
- Hyjal Owl no longer mounted on a Nether Ray
- Voracious Hatchling now has correct class
- Inferno Hawk difficulty set by script not database
- Hideous Amalgamation now has correct class
- Cinderweb Spinner now has correct entry for heroic version
- Cinderweb Spiderling now has correct entry for heroic version
- Colbalt Globule shouldn't have difficulty_entry_3 data
- Shadowed Globule shouldn't have difficulty_entry_3 data
- Set correct level for Twilight Assaulter
- Set correct npc entry for Ore Cart
- Removed equipment id from mobs that shouldn't have it
- Removed duplicated Auras

- Game Objects
- Created instance portal for Zulaman

- Scripts
- Killed non-existant time action for non-existant creature
- Remove un-needed link calling
- Fixed random no text group error

- Conditions
- Set correct quest to open.

-- Quest: Mental Training: Speaking the Truth to Power (25299)
-- Removed gossip quiz.
-- Note: the quest should use "yes/no" answers on command bar, not pick true or false statements which still doesn't work
-- Quest: Fields of Grief(24975)
-- Increased required game object spawns
-- Quest: A Scarlet Letter (24979)
-- Fix gossip options when talking to Lillian Voss
-- Quest: Johaan's Experiment (24977)
-- Fixed Scarlet Zealot's say during quest
-- Quest: Annihilate the Worgen (24993)
-- No longer Auto Accepts
-- Quest: A Season for Celebration (29400 - Horde Version)
-- Now reads as Seasonal Quest
-- Quest: A Season for Celebration (29074 - Alliance Version)
-- Now reads as a Seasonal Quest
-- Quest: Candy Bucket (28954)
-- Now reads as a Seasonal Quest

-- NPC
-- Highlord Darion Mograine (28444)
-- Now yells instead of says & fixed comments
-- Hin Denburg (3150)
-- Fixed creature yell on zepplin arrival
-- Zapetta (9566)
-- Fixed creature yell on zepplin arrival and comment
-- Meefi Farthottle (26539)
-- Fixed creature yell on zepplin arrival and comment
-- Frezza (9564)
-- Fixed creature yell on zepplin arrival
-- Snurk Bucksquick (12136)
-- Fixed creature yell on zepplin arrival and comment
-- Greeb Ramrocket (26537)
-- Fixed creature yell on zepplin arrival and comment
-- Zelli Hotnozzle (34765)
-- Fixed creature yell on zepplin arrival and comment
-- Blastshadow the Brutemaster(39194)
-- Linked npc to loot

-- Random Mobs
-- Fallen Cultist
-- Should be "dead"
-- Citizen of Havenshire (28576)
-- Grammer/Spelling/Spaces fixed/added or removed to creature on combat say as required
-- Removed unblizz like creature spawns x 4
-- Life Warder (55549)
-- Removed npcflag, - Not sure what spell its meant to have but none are spawned anyway
-- Wailing Ancestor (1534)
-- Removed equipment, not meant to have any.
-- Naz'jar Spiritmender (49090), Eye of the Legion (54747), Warlord Zon'ozz (55309/55310/55311), Yor'sahj the Unsleeping (55313/55314), Morchok (57409/57771/57772), Hagara the Stormbinder (57462/57955/57956), Warmaster Blackhorn (57619/57847/57848),
-- Linked creature to loot
-- Stopped the random NPC's from dancing x 2
-- Removed Duplicate Auras x 8
-- Game Objects
-- Wreath no longer shows on wall at Calston Estate unless even running.
-- Cache of the Fire Lord loot no longer tries to reference a reference (208967)
-- Loot entry fixed for Rhylite Fragment (209033)
-- Removed 3 duplicate loot templates
-- Minor Cache of the Aspects (209541/210160/210161/210162/2010163)
-- Linked loot
-- Greater Cache of the Aspects (209894/209895/209896/209897)
-- Linked loot
-- Royal Cache (210025)
-- Linked loot, Updated drop rates, removed item that shouldn't be there
-- Elementium Fragment (210217/210218/210219/210220)
-- Linked loot

-- Graveyard
-- Remove duplicate entry for alliance graveyard

-- Items
-- Gryshka's Letter (16307)
-- Fixed name in letter to be blizzlike
-- Oozing Bag (20768)
-- Fixed drop rates of items in bag
-- Removed 2 loot_templates for items that don't exist

-- Conditions
-- Condition now is now correctly a HP Check not a Gender Check
-- Set Error Type for condition
-- Set Source Group for conditions x 4
-- Fixed Title Conditions x 2
-- Fixed Zone Conditions x 2

-- Removed Area Triggers that for areas that don't exist
-- Removed Mists of Pandaria achievement
-- Removed Warlords of Draenor achievement

-- NPCs
-- Hobart Grapplehammer (484940)
-- Fixed yells in Kezan and comments
-- Assistant Greely (484960)
-- Fixed says in Kezan and comments and script
-- Forman Dampwick (34872)
-- Fixed random yell
-- Fixed End of quest say and comment
-- Sassy Hardwrench (346680)
-- Fixed gossip text
-- Doc Zapnozzle (36608)
-- Fixed say on arrival at Lost Isles
-- Chip Endale (36406)
-- Fixed gossip text at Lost Isles
-- Candy Cane (36404)
-- Fixed gossip text at Lost Isles
-- Trade Prince Gallywix (14959)
-- Fixed gossip text
-- Stopped from dancing where shouldn't
-- Aggra (35875)
-- Fix say on quest accept
-- Removed incorrect gossip flag
-- Chawg (36432)
-- Removed incorrect gossip flag
-- Captain Florence
-- Spawned
-- Captain Foulwind
-- Spawned
-- Madexx (51402)
-- Spawned and added spawn pool
-- Karkin (50959)
-- Spawned (NOTE: Wrong Model on file.)

-- Quests
-- Liberate the Kaja'mite (14124)
-- No longer auto accept
-- Life Savings (14126)
-- Player Can now gossip to Sassy to get to Gallywix's Yacht

-- Mobs
-- Rebellious Troll (35294)
-- Fixed aggro texts
-- Kezan Socialite (48961)
-- Is now sitting on chair instead of standing on it
-- SI:7 Assassin
-- Now is invisible to payer until use quest item
-- Removed Duplicate Spawns

-- Event Scripts
-- Stopped script 466 from calling game object in another zone

-- Pools
-- Added pool data for Outland rare spawns so the mobs will actually spawn
-- Added pool data for Northrend rare spawns so the mobs will actually spawn
-- Removed non pooled rare spawn

-- Other
-- Removed duplicate aura
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