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 Post subject: Legion Updates
PostPosted: September 7th, 2016, 8:14 am 
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09/07/2016 Updated on legion

- More 7.0.3 compatibility fix in database
- Bags auto equiped (need to test)
- Client crash fixed (you need to select option 2 - Restore world database in update.bat)
- NPCs missing equipments mostly fixed (thanks to Darking)
- Highly improved the update system to keep the update files size on low.
- More 7.0.3 (22566) changes in DB
- Fixed feral form model not updating when equipping/removing artifact
- Implement .neargraveyard (find nearest graveyard from dbc)
- DressNPC script from rochet2
- PlayerItemGossip script from rochet2
- Enable Flight Master
- Few spell update from Ulduar (github user)
- Make update.bat better
- Changelog.txt added
- Account mounts (need to test it)
(looks like can't share faction mounts on the same account)

Hunter spell fixes:
- Camouflage skill fixed

Shaman spell fixes:
- Ancestral Guidance
- Lava burst
- Path of Flames Spread

- Massive pack of database/script updates from cooler-SAI/JadeCore and from TrinityCore of course

- Lots of 7.0.3 data correcting in database and core.
- Fix some vendors

09/09/2016 Updated on legion

- Fixed the health of creatures over level 105
- More 7.0.3 NPC correcting
- Fixed new created characters starting in wrong specialization

Fixes from Darking:
"levels in NPC on Draenor changed in ogrimare Warchief made Silwan subname leader in Stormwind Teleport in Pandaria stands now"
Need a little help to translate this line

09/10/2016 Updated on legion

Daily up

- Demon Hunter's double jump finished
- Mage missing starting spell fixed
- More 7.0.3 database correcting
- Update, Login and World window colors changed in my both repack (Legion=lime, WotLK=cyan)
- Also changed the mysql port to 3312 and now is possible to run both of my repack at the same time on same machine

Also added some Legion teleport location (thanks to Darking and rockerjc)
.tele dalbi
.tele azsuna
.tele val'sharah
.tele highmountain
.tele stormheim
.tele suramar
.tele thebrokenshore

09/11/2016 Updated on legion

- More 7.0.3 database correcting from TC
- Fixed the missing MySQL config file

09/15/2016 Updated on legion

- Support WoW 7.0.3 Build (22594)
- More 7.0.3 database correction
- Some Garrison code implemented

09/17/2016 Updated on legion

- More 7.0.3 quests correction
- Fixed visuals for spells cast by creatures that have missile/travel time
- Fixed loading hotfix locales when default locale set in world.conf is not enUS
- World server port changed to 8090 in world.conf and in the database to fix the connection issue when you start both WotLK and Legion repack at the same time
- Added scripts to Tol Barad and Tol Barad Peninsula from cooler-SAI

09/18/2016 Updated on legion

- Updated npc_text data from 7.0.3

cooler-SAI / JadeCore
- Twilight Highlands scripts

lasyan3's patches
- Custom respawm speed
- Custom attack speed
- SpeedGame, NoCastTime, HurtInRealTime patches

Own stuffs
- Fixed the missing Legion teleport locations from previous updates
- Rewrorked HurtInRealTime attack and synced with animation speed
- Update.bat improved. You don't need to change IP address to get access to your server via LAN or Offline (maybe not working for everyone, need test)
- Unused files removed from the server directory
- Disabled some experimental/unfinished feature in world.conf

09/22/2016 Updated on legion

- Change allowed build to
- Set max power values from PowerType.db2
- Removed handling of deprecated spell attribute
- Updated page_text data from 7.1.0

Own stuffs
- Update.bat improved to avoid some dumb movement
- Honor point for elite mobs and guards script added but honor currency system do server crash

09/25/22016 Updated on legion

- Updated quest_template to
- Updated gameobject_template data from 7.0.3
- Re-enable ban on wrong password
- Implemented regen (and out of combat decay) for all power types

- Filled Demon Hunter starting area

cooler-SAI / JadeCore
- Ruins of Ahn'Qiraj
- Temple of Ahn'Qiraj
- Blackwing Lair

Own stuffs
- Fixed branch name change(6.x -> legion) in Update.bat
- Full world and hotfixes DB updated

09/27/22016 Updated on legion

- Allow graveyards to be specified for areas, not only zones
- Updated npc_text data from 7.0.3
- Slightly improve output of bnetaccount create command
- Updated quest_template to part 16
- Implemented scene system

Own stuffs
- Monk chi system fixed
- Correcting some quest giver/ender, mostly for pandaren starting area
- VAS AutoBalance script added (need to fix the damage scale, disabled by default in world.conf)

09/30/22016 Updated on legion

- Fixed the honor point crash (currency removed, TODO: add honor XP)
- Updated page_text data from 7.0.3
- Updated gameobject_template data from 7.0.3
- Add some legion instance templates (1456,1458,1462,1466,1475,1477,1492,1493,1498,1501 ,1516,1533,1544,1554)
- Updated spell_target_position data from 7.0.3

cooler-SAI / JadeCore
- Deepholm smart scripts

SingleCore Patcher updated
- Fancy lime color
- Fixed the missing path error when the game is on an external drive
- Fixed the missing WoW-64.exe error when you have only the x86 client
- Allowed to start the game in Offline mode (WoW_Offline.bat, WoW-64_Offline.bat)

10/02/22016 Updated on legion

- Updated quest_template to part 17
- Updated gameobject_template data from 7.0.3
- Implemented account wide mounts
- Updated npc_text data from 7.0.3

Own stuffs
- Removed my account wide mounts patch because TC also added
- Added a final warning when you trying to restore the world database

10/05/22016 Updated on legion

- Clear UNIT_NPC_EMOTESTATE on death (blizzlike)
- Fixed uninitialized data in power types array
- Fixed saving artifact power gains

Own stuffs
- Update.bat now allow to import any custom SQL files
- Teleport NPC with database settings added from mthsena (NPC ID: 900000, storage in realmd)
Not added into the world by default, need to test it, set new coordinates.

10/07/22016 Updated on legion

- Add root aura handler to aura type 455
- Updated npc_text / gameobject_template data from (7.0.3)
- Updates to GO templates, GO quest items, pages texts, quest templates, quest objectives and quest visual effects
- Updated gameobject_template data from 7.0.3

Own stuffs
- Support WoW 7.0.3(22747) version
- Updates won't overwrite the Teleport NPC table in database

10/09/2016 Updated on legion

- Fixed loading signed db2 fields
- Fixed format string for ChrSpecialization.db2 and Map.db2
- Corrected SummonProperties.db2 structure

Revamp of channel system
- Core/Chat: general cleanup and revamping
- Core/Channel: restore accidentally deleted line, fixes channels not honoring ownership setting
- Channel Followup: avoid setting an invisible gm as Channel owner
- Core/Channel: change the way channels are stored and sent to client, fixes multiple channels per zone when using different locales

Own stuffs
- New DBC update from 7.0.3(22747)
- Small fixes in Update.bat
- Hide some debug info (not all) in server window

10/14/2016 Updated on legion

- Fix logic fail in ApplyEquipCooldown
- Change allowed build to
- Updated quest_template to part 18
- Effect leap back fix

- Multivendor patch
- Player item gossip patch
- Object scale patch
- DressNPC patch

Know issues
- Fel Rush is broken (working but don't use it )

10/23/2016 Updated on legion

- Fixed unneccessary packet spam when units become visible for players
- Initial support for monster sparring
- Fixed a crash happening when casting a spell with effects that only exist on some difficulties but not on others
- Fixed player model weirdness with teleports/shapeshifts/transforms
- Defined new proc flags
- Add missing AIName to some GOs
- Updated npc_text data from 7.0.3
- Fixed loading int arrays from trailing packed blobs in db2 files
- Removed a faulty aura handler
- Fixed quest objectives order

10/28/2016 Updated on legion

10-28-2016 (7.1.0 build 22908)
- Command/Morph fix ModelId above 65535
- Core/DataStores: Updated to
- Removed the need to edit DB2Metadata automatically generated to account for non-localized string fields
- Updated misc enums
- Restored WorldSession::LogUnprocessedTail functionality for packets processed using specialized classes for each opcode
- Added quest_template data from 7.0.3
- Added gameobject_template data from 7.0.3
- Use boost::static_vector for arrays in client packets, removed setting the limit during runtime and removed default value
- Make Completing the Delivery completable
- Fixed SpellEffects selection depending on Difficulty

Own stuffs
- Update.bat compatible with 7.1.0 (22908)
- New DBCs from 7.1.0 (22908)

10/31/2016 Updated on legion

- Fix logic in DatabaseWorkerPool::GetFreeConnection
- Fixed items with spells that should only be used in some player specializations
- Updated creature_template wdb data from 7.1.0
- Reenabled SMSG_QUERY_QUEST_INFO_RESPONSE, it should not have gotten disabled

- Great database from Midgard repack
Demon Hunter starting area is empty but who cares

Own Stuff
- World restore fix for the new 7.1.0 repack



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