Single Player Project - Legion reworked
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Author:  MadMax765 [ March 19th, 2017, 2:12 am ]
Post subject:  Single Player Project - Legion reworked

Single Player Project - Legion reworked
I remaked my Legion repack, so let see the changelog:

- The core is based on ProjectLegion source from zgn
- 7.1.5 (23420) supported
- Reworked launcher from my Vanilla repack
- Honor system mostly fixed
- Demon Hunter and Worgen starting area is unfinished

Patches included:
- Announce login
- Boss Kill Announcer
- Double XP Weekend
- Firework on level 110
- Solocraft
- Starting Guilds
- Starting items (LoginBoA)
- Custom Respawn Speed
- Attack speed patch
- SpeedGame NoCastTime NoCooldown HurtInRealTime patches3
- Gain honor for elite mobs and guards

New patches:
- TimeIsMoneyFriend
- Dungeon checkpoints
- XP for PvP
- Custom Duel reset
- Random Enchants on looted and crafted weapons and armors

What is Solocraft?
Solocraft is a script to increase players and bots stats in raids, based on group size.

Can I get the source?
Yes, you find it here:

Update 1 (2017.03.19)

TrinityCore (940c80e3e85aa4508f296c69cc8daf77c1b6e229)
- DB/Creature: Fix ironforge guards gossip
- DB/Creature: Implement gossips for Multi Profession Trainers
- DB/Creature: More guard gossips
- DB/Creature: Pathing Dun Morogh and Darnassus
- DB/Creature: Gossips for Darnassus and Teldrasil
- DB/Creature: Ironforge pathing
- DB/Creature: Stormwind Guard Gossip
- DB/Creature: Orgrimmar guard gossip
- DB/Creature: Pathing for Stormwind Gryphon Rider
- DB/Creature: Undercity Pathing
- DB/Creature: Pathing for Thunder Bluff
- Core/Spells: Fixed Charge
- Db/Quest: Add initial human monk quest
- Core/Scripts: Implement druid spells Moonfire & Sunfire

zgn / ProjectLegion fixes
- DB/Misc: Forgotten data fixed spell Monk:Roll
- Core/Script: fixed spell Druid: Displacer Beast, Prowl, Dash
- Core/Script: fixed spell Mage:Mirror Image

Community changes
- improve Quest & Phase updates (Palabola)
- Wandering Isle form Lopfest
- Pandaren faction choose from TheHighlord
- Pandaria/Draenor/Legion mobs spawned with loot (need to clean the database)

Custom scripts
- [Money For Level] basic script added
- [Dungeon Checkpoint] Fix if die outside
- [Dungeon Checkpoint] change restored HP from 70% -> 25%
- Automatic server IP changer from launcher was removed (for Hamachi support)

How to connect:
1. Download the latest World of Warcraft from blizzard site.
2. Download the SingleCore patcher from here.
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3. Extract it into the WoW directory and run the Patch.bat file.
4. Edit the WoW\WTF\ file and set your realm IP in the SET portal line.
5. Start the game with the patched wow exe
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Downloaded 1365 times

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