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 Post subject: Updates 16/09/2020 to 26/09/2020:
PostPosted: November 15th, 2020, 8:49 am 
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Updates 16/09/2020 to 26/09/2020:

-Corrected creatures in island expeditions added level scaling
and fixed damage
-Added missing data for nazmir and zuldazar historylines
-Improved BlackEmpire launcher interface and added new funtions
-Corrected some quest and npcs in Voldun
-Fixed quest ... ant-square
-Added more world quest in bfa
-Starting work on fix world quest bfa system
-Added Starting work on Battle pets by Arcania
-Corrected battle pet trainer in orgrimmar
-Fixed starting quest of pandarean by lordpepillo
-Added Kulltirans starting quest
-Added zandalari trol starting quest
-Added missing quest and world quest in Voldun
-Brawler guild bfa system added
-Scripted item for brawlers guild,added all boss rank one
-Fixed client path save in launcher so it isnt need to browse
the path everytime that you open the launcher
-Fixed spell rogue envenom
-Fixed changing set portal in launcher,it admites to change
every set portal defined in the config to local portal,instead
of US portal only (before). Added menu option to see content
working in the repack
-Updated all core systems to new bfa structures
-Added new boss to mechagon dungeon
-Added correction to battle pet system
-Added table for garrisson mission rewards
-Added new boss to mechagon dungeon ... ssion-unit
-Fixed more class spells
-Reduced starting time of server to 2 minutes 54 seconds
Fixing to start more quick
-Added page text of gameobjects in nazjatar
-Added loot to ... -arrasador
-Added loot to
-Loot to
-Added loot
-Added loot;mode:m
-Optimized server and added more loot to creatures
-Reduced log errors to 381 kb not deleting data fixing one by one
-Added missing spawns in Dazar'alor .
-Fixed more db errors
-Fixed voldun quest by Sargero
-Reworked mechanic trixie_naeno and HK-8 Aerial Oppression Mechagon bosses
-Fixed DK starting zone
-Need more corrections but brawlers boss are scripted bfa 8.3
-Core/ fixed crash
-Fixed spells from all class like 2 or 3 spells/class, later i add a list
-Added corrections to Nyalotha
-Corrected Uldir raid all adds
-Applied corrections in arathi highlands warfront
-Core Fixed some memory leaks
-Reduced cpu usage
-Updated Map system
-Fixed dark portal - tanan questline
-Fixed quest a taste of iron
-Fixed quest A song of frost and fire
-Fixed quest of wolfs and warriors
-Fixed quest for the horde
-Fixed quest a groning problem
-Fixed quest the den of skog
-Fixed quest establish your garrisson horde
-Fixed quest garrisson what we need
-Garrisson system is working partially implemented
-Garrisson level 2
-Construction system
-Fixed statyc analysis issue
-Finally in next release reduced usage of cpu and ram
after world server start
-Emmissary quest
-Fixed loot
-Fixed loot of chest in mechagon
-Fixed spells of boss zekvoz in Uldir raid
-Fixed spell
-Fixed spell
-Fixed portal rooms which were buggued again
-Fixed quest
-Fixed a little memory leak
-Fixed trainers for all profesions in dalaran


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