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 Post subject: Updates 18/10/2020 to 25/10/2020:
PostPosted: November 15th, 2020, 8:53 am 
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Updates 18/10/2020 to 25/10/2020:

Fixed/Scripted bosses of Temple of Sethraliss Dungeon:

Fixed group invite.

Hidded around of 20 npcs which would have to be invisible
to players + friendly instead of attacking ... er-stalker
Enabled 100+ npcs/mounts as vehicles:
Cleared a little the dblog errors,server load a little faster now.
Corrected 1 disechant loot spell.
Enabled vendors of darkmoon fire
with id (153509,153510,153811,153817,154140,154257,154436,155902,155940)
Fixed warlock spell
Corrected spell of boss in Eye of Azasarah
Corrected spells of boss in court of start
Addded script to around of 70 npcs
Fixed portal to legion
Scripted boss
Scripted boss
Fixed warrior spell
Fixed crash when opening LFG/BGS,everything
works good now,you can que withouth problem (Thordekk)
Server speed up : World initialized in 0 minutes 27 seconds
Added vendor data for
Fixed 200+ creature level scalings
Added vendor data for
Added 70 missing quest templates ,
quest offer reward and quest emotes
Added vendor data
Fixed quest poi points in map for
Corrected level of ... phon-rider
Corrected quest poi for
Same for
And poi for ... ort-daelin
Added lot of missing quest visual effects to be more blizzlike
Added missing quest details for
Fixed visual of spell
Fixed spell priest divine star
Updated entire QuestInfo.db2 to (
Corrected unknown columns in db2
Fixed ... idari?rank
Fixed achievement
Fixed the 5 achievements ... ood-buffet
Fixed achievement ... blind-luck
Corrected 100+ SmartScripts for killcredit quest.
Improved dblog errors for more faster loading worldserver.
Fixed,now the 2 npcs spawn and they are mounted in the mamuth.
Alliance and horde version. ... ra-mammoth
Updated core Languages to
Updated CreatureType to last bfa build
Updated QuestSort to last bfa patch
Headless Horseman change event in bfa by blizzard,
now only u can enter using lfg queue, fixing bad coordinates now
Updated Skillline to
Rated pvp enabled
Fixed horseman,you can que in LFG to scarlet dungeon and kill him now,
added loot too.
Corrected transmogrify npc
Corrected spell
Applied big correction to spells of all class
Added 100+ creature level scalings
Corrected spell
Added level scaling bfa system to old dungeons
Corrected spell used by mobs in verdant wilds
Fixed spell
Corrected all level scaling in
Corrected spell ... f-the-deep
Corrected spell
Fixed spell ... s-soul-gem
Added quest points (map references) for quest
Applied spell corrections to THE MOTHERLODE
Added level scaling to Motherlode
Fixed areatriggers in Underroot
Added level scaling to Tol Dagor
Added level scaling to dread chain island
Added and corrected spell
Corrected spells and at in Free hold
Added level scaling for mobs in Culling of Stratholme
Added level scaling to The Oculus .
Fixed areatrigger of ... ge-bombers
Added 30 missing spell target positions
Added missing quest details for ... of-the-law
Fixed areatrigger of
Added 20 map points to voldun quests
Fixed quest point to
Same for
Fixed spell target position for ... on-wrap-up
Same for spell ... se-of-jani
Fixed missing at ... y-of-elune
Added map points to quest ... umpknuckle
Added missing items to vendor
Added teleport to lordaereon spell and scene
Added missing details for quest
Added points for
Added points for
Added missing items to vendor
Fixed points for ... ecessities
Fixed points for
Fixed points for
Fixed spell ... k-to-start
Fixed health of boss in last quest of worgen starting zone
Fixed fishing mount Great Seat Ray
Fixed items of engineering with bonus ... etic-specs
Fixed nazjatar flight master
Added missing spawn
Fixed quest
Added missing texts for
Fixed spell
full fixed with gossips
Quest fixed infusing the hearth
Fixed quest ... of-azeroth
Fixed quest
Fixed BFA Season 1 Rated Participation Currency
Fixed Quest packet and opcode corrected values
Fixed toy
Fixed toy ... creenshots
Fixed efffect of item ... cine-pouch
Fixed GarrisonMissionReward opcode
Corrected more unknown packets
fixed unknown values in TokenPackets
Fixed quest points ... -the-minds
Added quest details
Fixed points ... n-distress
Fixed quest points
Fixed quest points ... ark-ranger
Fixed spell
Fixed spell
Fixed spell of toy
Fixed spell
Fixed spell ... nockback-w
Added quest poi for
Fixed spell
Improved Server speed
Added starting script of
Improved server start and login speed up
Db errors decreased from 280 to 80 kb
Fixed more quest in Bfa zones
Fixed quest ... r-one-more
Corrected mobs in Ulduar
Full implemented Achievement_CategoryEntry db2
Fixed crash with npc ,menu and inkepeer option
Fixed the most of crashes when speaking
with a npc to take or finish a quest.
Possible fix animation of characters and npcs,need test and feedback...
Fixed ... -lich-king
Fixed ... gs-command
Done invisible to players 68 npc triggers which
arent supossed to be visible.
Deleted 5 duplicates npcs in boralus.
Fixed crash when completing quest
Fixed quest ... -ebon-hold
DK starting zone questlines are full working now.
Added invisibility to other more 41 npcs which players
havent to see (spell triggers)
Fixed quest ... hen-zin-su


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